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John Legend joined The Voice for the sixteenth season as a coach – AND he’s already off to somewhat of a rocky start.

While Legend has been a guest and a mentor on the show multiple times, it’s now his turn to decide who will be the perfect mentor for #TeamJL.

And his pick… Kanye West! 

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for Versace

I mean, it’s not shocking that Legend would think of West.

They are pretty good pals, despite their political differences, and have been friends for years.

His friendship with West even helped land him a record deal with Columbia Records back in 2004.

John Legend and Kanye West

So, yeah, the two have some history.

But, we all know their wives, Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen’s friendship might be even closer… 

The foursome is often spotted hanging out together and even went on a couple’s vacation to San Francisco recently.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, John Legend Chrissy Teigen

Also, the fact that West and Legend have recorded together in the past makes him an eligible candidate. 

However, according to Radar Online, when the three other returning coaches, which include Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine heard about this they quickly shared their concerns with the “higher-ups” of the show. 

An insider shared, “Kanye has just caused too many problems in his personal life and endeavors lately and they just feel that it would be best if him and Kim stayed away from the show for John’s first season.” 

It's Your Call, But...

Guess that means Kim can’t hang with bestie Chrissy backstage. 

“John has been bringing Chrissy to set and everyone gets along with the both of them just fine. He has a big head and he is definitely trying to win, but they are all in it to win it,” a source tells Radar.

“Everyone thinks he just needs to calm down and relax because he is getting himself all psyched out over this. It is really just the luck of the draw as to who hits the buzzer first for the person that is meant to win.”

Hmm, tell that to Adam and Blake who are constantly in a ‘friendly’ competition with one another throughout the whole show. 

The singer told Hollywood Reporter that he is “thrilled to join the coaches of The Voice” and that he is excited to “discover talented singers and help them make the most of their gift.”

And with or without the Wests, John will get to do just that. 

The Voice premieres Monday, February 25, on NBC.