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Time? Mariah Carey doesn’t know her.

The legendary singer is facing some controversial accusations, but she’s still dominating on social media.

She threw her hat into the ring for the 10 Year Challenge and we have to say it: she won.

Mariah Carey Swims

The 10 Year Challenge has been all over social media for the past week.

Generally, people share a photo from 2019 and a photo from 2009 for comparison.

As you are about to see, Mariah Carey took a different approach.

"I don’t get this 10 year challenge," Mariah admitted on both Twitter and Instagram.

She continued, writing that "time is not something I acknowledge."

That much is clear from her photo.

Mariah Carey, 10 Years Challenge

These are both the same photo placed side-by-side.

Mariah’s caption includes a clarification:

"Picture taken at some point prior to today," Mariah writes beside a little asterisk.

She could have ignored the challenge like so many people have.

Instead, she took a shot and reminded everyone that she can dominate social media with minimal effort.

Mariah Carey Interview Pic

Of course, some have suggested that Mariah may have had a less humorous reason for not wanting to participate.

In some of Mariah’s more recent appearances, her look has attracted confusion, ridicule, and cruel comments from fans.

She may have wanted to avoid any of that by not posting a visual, side-by-side reminder of how different she looks now than she once did.

If so, she would not be alone in abstaining from the challenge.

From illness to pregnancy to the ravages of life, a lot of people don’t feel too great about how they’re looking in 2019 selfies.

This is a bigger issue for celebrity women, whose fans seem confused when they no longer look like they did when they were 20.

Mariah Carey Signs

The 10 Year Challenge has garnered a number of reactions.

Those of us who were already adults in 2009 sometimes see a friend or peer’s 2009 photo in which they were a tween and feel centuries old.

Others have simply shown how much of a glow-up they’ve experienced — or at least, how much better their current camera works.

A few trans folks, like Caitlyn Jenner, have used it to highlight their transitions into their authentic selves. Good for them.

Others have used the challenge to raise environmental concerns, such as showing how much glaciers have decreased in size in just one decade.

As wilth all such challenges, it’s completely optional.

Any pressure to participate exists only in your own mind.


Some people choose to own their new look, even if it is radically different than what it once was.

But that’s their choice. Mariah made hers.

Fans, at least, seemed to support that.

"If Mariah Carey says that time does not exist," one fan tweeted. "Then time does not exist PERIOD."

"Me walking in late with a Starbucks drink…..uhhh time is not something I acknowledge," reads another fan tweet.

Another wrote: "This is the energy you need to leave work and start your weekend now."

That, as the kids say, is a mood.