Mariah Carey Butchers New Year's Eve Performance: Twitter Reacts!

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Mariah Carey had a terrible time of it during her New Year's Eve, 2016 performance - and there was much controversy in the aftermath of it. 

That scandal stemmed from conflicting reports about who was to blame for the performance, or lack thereof, considering Carey basically stopped even trying to sing once she ran into some audio problems. 

In response, Twitter users reacted just as we hoped they would.

Scroll down for some of their hilarious messages... 


1. Poor 2016

Poor 2016
2016's last big casualty was apparently Mariah's career.

2. Mariah's Dead?

Mariah's Dead?
One user seemed to poke fun at the death of Mariah. Oh, it was just her career.

3. Did The Diva Practice?

Did The Diva Practice?
Mariah has a notorious label as a diva, but did that stop her from rehearsing?

4. Mariah's Last Kiss?

Mariah's Last Kiss?
Mariah kissed her career goodbye at midnight, apparently.

5. Not Pulling Her Weight

Not Pulling Her Weight
Never get involved in a group project with Mariah Carey.

6. 2016 Was Terrible...

2016 Was Terrible...
Just as terrible as Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve performance.

7. Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle
Mariah Carey should never appear on Lip Sync Battle.

8. Celebrating New Year at a Different Time

Celebrating New Year at a Different Time
One user was so shocked she celebrated New Year a bit later.

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