Leida Margaretha: 90 Day Fiance Villain Accused of Violent Attack

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Leida Margaretha may have been the most hated cast member of her 90 Day Fiance season, which is quite the accomplishment.

During the Tell All Part 2, Leida's conflict with Eric Rosenbrook's daughter took center stage.

But now her former sister-in-law has come forward to accuse Leida of a brutal violent attack.

Leida Margaretha on 90 Day Fiance

Leida Margaretha has a young son, Alessandro, from a previous relationship.

Alessandro's father is a man named Daniel, and Daniel's sister is a woman named Amelia.

(Amelia is still Alessandro's aunt)

She says that Leida's toxic behavior began long, long before she ever became a reality star.

Amelia went on social media and claimed that Leida attacked her when they were still sisters-in-law.

And Leida was apparently being investigated by the police for this particular attack.

Leida Margaretha

To no one's surprise, this apparently began with an argument between Leida and Daniel.

After the bickering, Leida wanted Amelia to return with her to her parents' house -- but Amelia did not want to.

"The next morning she was mad at me and destroy all me belongings," Amelia says.

She explains that Leida felt entitled to do so "because she thinks all my belongings is belong to her."

Amelia accuses Leida of stealing money from her and of threatening to ruin Daniel's business, financed by her wealthy family, if they broke up.

Leida is Unhappy

Beware, folks, because this is where the details turn violent.

Amelia says that Leida has "anger issues" that drove her to track Amelia down when she was staying at her aunt's house.

She says that Leida arrived uninvited and was "screaming because I talk back to her."

Leida was allegedly "really mad” and “hit me and punch me in my face and my head at the same time."

Amelia also says that Leida kicked her during this encounter.

She notes that, during the assault, Leida allegedly shouted "you should die!!"

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha

Obviously, a physical attack is the sort of thing where police get involved.

Amelia says that she did press charges -- initially.

But Leida allegedly went to great lengths to "manipulate me to drop the case," Amelia says.

And, eventually, it worked.

Amelia blames herself for dropping the charges, lamenting that she was "stupid and innocent."

There are a lot of violent, manipulative people in this world. It is never the victim's fault.

Leida and Eric

Amelia had much more to say about Leida, including accusing her of using expensive gifts to "blackmail" her own friends.

At times, she would allegedly give someone a gift and then threaten to take it back if they displeased her.

Amelia also says that Leida would surprise people with gifts, like a concert ticket to see Katy Perry, and later claim that the person begged for it.

That also sounds nasty and toxic ... and there's more.

Amelia says that Leida had very specifically banged on her door, screamed at her, and invaded her privacy over having a "messy room."

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? It should.

Messiness was Leida's exact issue with Eric's teenage daughter, Tasha, whom she forced out of her own home.

90 Day Fiance Tasha vs Leida

Leida's own castmates were horrified and shocked by Leida's treatment of Tasha.

The only thing worse to them, some of whom are parents themselves, was the way that Eric seemed to accept Leida's behavior.

He admitted that he knew that Leida had called his own daughter a "bitch." He didn't seem to care.

He also caved to Leida's emotional blackmail and banned his own daughter from her apartment.

As of the Tell All's filming, he and Tasha have no relationship, and he sounds perfectly happy with that.

Maybe he and Leida deserve each other.

Eric Rosenbrook defends Leida of course

Eric has seen these accusations against Leida -- taking aim at Soap Dirt for covering these same social media posts.

He then tells them their business, insisting that they should hear both sides if they wish to be taken seriously.

Our take is that Eric is the last person to lecture people on taking people seriously.

Also, Soap Dirt and other outlets are just reporting Amelia's accusations, the same as we are.

If Eric wants to share Leida's side of the alleged violent attack, he is free to do that.

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