Kylie Jenner Consumes Just 500 Calories a Day, Source Claims

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Just weeks after she welcomed daughter Stormi Webster into the world, Kylie Jenner was back on Instagram, wowing her fans with her post-pregnancy physique.

Kylie was widely applauded for her fitness and nutrition efforts, but some fans expressed concerns that the 20-year-old cosmetics mogul was shedding the pounds too quickly.

Kylie Jenner at 2018 VMAs

But despite the apparent ease with which she slimmed down after giving birth, it seems Kylie's weight loss journey has not yet come to an end.

A source close to the Kardashian-Jenner clan tells Heat magazine that Kylie is adhering to an extremely strict dietary regimen -- one that has her loved ones deeply concerned.

The insider claims that Kylie has been limiting herself to just 500 calories per day.

Kylie Jenner Shows Of Her Leg Scar and Blonde Hair

“Kylie has been pretty much starving herself through the holiday season,” one insider tells the magazine.

“She’s obsessed with having the best figure by the time the family go on their next holiday vacation.”

Yes, it seems Kylie is motivated to lose even more weight due to her sense of competition with her sisters.

Kylie Jenner in a Periwinkle Latex Dress

The source says she borrowed the 500 calorie strategy from Kim, who used a similar method to trim down after both of her pregnancies.

In keeping with current diet trends, sources say Kylie is also limiting herself to virtually no carbs.

“She’s already got a body most women would kill for, but Kylie seems to be taking things to ridiculous extremes,” the insider continues.

Kylie and Stormi in

“She’s living off one smoothie and a handful of nuts and hot lemon water, and not much else.”

Making matters worse is the fact that Kylie's work schedule allows little time for rest.

In addition to her work with her near-billion dollar cosmetics brand, Kylie continues to shoot new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, anll the while curating social media pages with audiences of over 100 million each.

Kylie Jenner as Barbie

On top of all that, Kylie follows her rapper husband Travis Scott on his current Astroworld tour whenever possible.

It would be lot for any new mother to take on, and it's not hard to see why Kylie's family is concerned that she's doing it all fewer calories than most Americans consume in a single meal.

Here's hoping Kylie is able to find some time to herself soon.

Burnout is an awful thing for anyone, but it's particularly catastrophic when one has that much to lose.

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