Kanye West Wants HOW Many Kids?!?

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We asked a very interesting question last week:

Just how many babies will the Kardashian produce in 2019?

But it now appears as if we need to rephrase the inquiry and ask the following instead...

Kimye at the Cher Show

... how many babies will just Kim Kardashian and Kanye West produce on their own over the next few years?

As you very likely know by now, the former sex tape star and the rapper are expecting baby number-four.

Although neither Kim nor Kanye has confirmed this exciting news just yet, multiple outlets have reported that they will once again be using a surrogate due to Kardashian's health concerns.

(It will be a different surrogate than they used for Chicago, who was born to the famous couple in January of 2018.)

The stars, of course, are already parents to children North, Saint and the aforementioned Chicago.

Yes, those are all their real names.

Sleeping on Their Jobs

And while Kim had left open the possibilty in the past that she wasn't done having children, a new report alleges that Kanye doesn't want to be done even after this next kid enters the picture.

“Kanye wants a soccer team full of kids,” a source tells Hollywood Life, adding of the mentally unstable artist:

“He loves it, and he was the one who really convinced Kim to have a big family. It didn’t take to much convincing, though, because Kim is very used to big families.

"So that is why it works between Kim and Kanye because they always seem to be on the same page, especially in the parenting department.

"They are known for so much, but they want their kids to be their legacy — so the more the merrier.”

For the record, a soccer team starts 11 players.

Showing Attitude

However, they are also substitutes who come on when the starters get tired... so we may be talking as many as 15 or 16 children for Kardashin and West if this insider has valid information.

Look out, Duggars, huh?!?

“Kim and Kanye are both very into their kids and having more,” this same insider continued,

“They both had spoken in great lengths before getting married about how they wanted a big family. It has always been Kim‘s dream and Kanye loves creating beautiful babies with Kim.

"Even after Chicago, they both knew they weren’t done. It was always Kim‘s dream to become a mother from a big family with kids close in age just like herself."

Honestly, no matter what you think of Kim and Kanye as celebrities or as people, you can't really deny the love they seem to have for their young ones.

Boobs! And a Smile!

Concludes this Hollywood Life mole, who apparently knows a ton about Kimye's family:

“Kim is an extremely hands on mom and plans tons of things for the kids to do constantly.

"She’s also very crafty and even does things like builds forts with North, who can sometimes be a bit of a tomboy, though she’s still a girlie girl at heart."

Fair enough.

But now comes the REAL question:

What will Kim and Kanye name child number-four?!?

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