Jinger Duggar: Using Birth Control Against Family's Wishes?

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Back in November of 2016, Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo in one of the lavish, massively attended ceremonies her family has become known for.

From the first kiss shared in front of 1,500 guests to the TLC camera crew capturing every moment, the entire wedding was in keeping with Duggar tradition.

Jinger Duggar Weight Loss Photo

Everything that's come after the "I do's," however, has broken the mold.

Shortly after the wedding, Jinger and Jeremy moved to Laredo, Texas, thus making her the first of the Duggar girls to permanently relocate outside of Arkansas.

In a well-publicized display of sartorial rebellion, Jinger also began wearing pants, thus becoming the first of her generation to flout her parents' famously strict dress code.

But the most salient act of defiance on Jinger's part is her decision to live a life that flies in the face of the central tenet of the Duggars' ideology.

If you follow the family closely, you know that the Duggars teach their children from a young age that a woman's primary purpose in life is to have as many children as possible.

As a result of that lifelong indoctrination, most Duggar women announce their first pregnancies within a few months of tying the knot.

Jinger and Parents

Recently, a new record was set when 19-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that she got pregnant on her honeymoon within days of marrying Austin Forsyth.

So it comes as quite a surprise to most Duggar fans that almost one full year after getting married, Jinger is still not expecting.

Countless (we have actually lost count) Jinger pregnancy rumors have circulated online, all of which have been bogus.

But, of course, that hasn't been enough to bring an end to the constant scrutiny surrounding the status of Jinger's uterus.

Fan theories abound as to why Jinger and Jeremy have yet to procreate, and - spoiler alert - no one believes they're celibate.

According to In Touch, many Duggar aficionados are speculating that Jinger might be using birth control on the down-low.

Jinger Duggar: Ice Skating! In Pants!

Obviously, in most situations, a young, newly-married woman using birth control wouldn't be considered remotely unusual.

But Jinger is a Duggar, and her parents have made their feelings about contraception clear on numerous occasions.

The most memorable, perhaps, is the now-deleted anti-birth control screed that Michelle and Jim Bob's published on their personal website.

Jinger's parents explained in that post: “As conservative Christians, we believe every life is sacred, even the life of the unborn."

"Due to our lack of knowledge," they said, referring to one of her earlier pregnancies, "we destroyed the precious life of our unborn child."

"We prayed and studied the Bible and found a host of references that told us God considered children a gift, a blessing, and a reward."

JinJer Vuolo

"Yet we had considered having another child an inconvenience during that busy time in our lives, and we had taken steps to prevent it from happening.”

Obviously, Jinger Duggar's parents would consider it a personal affront if were revealed that the daughter has been using birth control.

That doesn't mean she is, however.

Naturally, there are several reasons why Jinger and Jeremy may be holding off on having children, and not all of them are scandalous.

Perhaps it simply hasn't happened yet and they're trying to conceive. Perhaps it simply hasn't happened yet and they're more indifferent.

Maybe she has fertility problems she hasn't gone public with or isn't aware of. Maybe the same is true of Jeremy Vuolo, for that matter.

Jinger Duggar on Skates

All we know is that it's unusual that she hasn't gotten pregnant yet - that's a fact, based on the track record of all of her married siblings.

Jill Duggar was expecting within a few months of her wedding date, as was Jessa. (Both went on to have a second son fairly quickly too.)

Josh and Anna Duggar now have FIVE children, while Joy-Anna Duggar got pregnant either the night she got married or even beforehand.

(That's a subject for another time.)

As such, you can expect that Duggar fans will continue to gravitate toward the explanation with the greatest potential for controversy.

Follow the link to watch Counting On online for more from the TLC family and see if you can spot any clues surrounding this mystery.

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