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It’s been almost exactly one year since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux split.

Reports say that Amal Clooney is trying to get Jennifer laid, and a new report explains that she may need all of the help she can get.

Apparently she’s still in a dry spell that began long, long before she and Justin ended things.

Jennifer Aniston at Vanity Fair Party

RadarOnline reports that Jennifer Aniston hasn’t gotten laid since her split with Justin Theroux. Since before the split, actually.

"Her marriage with Justin (Theroux) went downhill in early 2017," the insider notes.

"So," the source says. "It’s coming up for two years since she had a good romantic experience."

That’s a charming euphemism for sex, isn’t it?

You might talk about some celebrities boning, but when you discuss Jennifer Aniston’s love life, it’s a good romantic experience.

Either way, that’s quite the dry spell.

Jennifer Aniston Smiles

You might be surprised to hear that Jennifer hasn’t gotten laid since her divorce.

Sure, not everybody goes out right away for a night of rebound fun, but you’d think she could have anyone she wants.

She’s rich, she’s famous, and though she’ll turn 50 on February 11 of 2019 (yep, that’s soon), she’s still hot.

"Jen’s a classy lady," the insider explains. "And won’t just hook up with guys for the sake of it."

The source elaborates: "That’s not her style."

Jennifer Aniston on a Red Carpet

"She’s been on dates with guys from time to time," the insider notes.

"But," the source says. "Not to the point where she slept with them.”

“But she has needs like anyone else," the insider affirms.

Some people genuinely have no sex drive, but even within the asexual community, they are few in number.

"So, " the source concludes. "It’ll be a welcome relief once she gets that monkey off her back so to speak."

Jennifer Aniston Applauds

Obviously, there is nothing inherently "classy" or otherwise about hooking up or abstaining.

Those are personal choices.

We all know that there’s nothing wrong with getting spit-roasted if you have the inclination to do so.

As part of the older batch of Generation X, Jennifer may have grown up hearing a lot more slut-shaming than your average Millennial or Gen Z.

But we should all remember that how Jen got her feelings about sex doesn’t really matter.

She is an adult and she is free to live her life however she chooses. Yes, even if that means 

Jennifer Aniston in Paris

We of course wish Jennifer Aniston the best of luck in getting her back blown out.

We cannot confirm that this story is true, however.

It’s an interesting report and frankly it’s believable, but plausible is not the same thing as true.

Ultimately, unless Jen is talking to some very untrustworthy friends who are leaking to the press, there’s only one person who knows the truth.

It’s Jennifer Aniston’s sex life, and only she knows for certain what she has or has not gotten up to.

Jennifer Aniston in Glasses Photo

Whatever Jen chooses to do with her life at this point, her fans will hopefully support her.

Anyone pushing for her to get back with one ex or another is hoping that she’ll act out their fantasy, which is not the same as wishing her happiness.

Just write the fanfiction. Get it out of your system. And emphatically do not tweet her a link.

Not everybody needs or wants a constant companion — some never do, and others grow out of a need for romance after they’ve had enough heartbreak.

But maybe she’s just taking time to heal before she gets back into the game.