James Kennedy: Feuding With Vanderpump Castmates Just to Stay on the Show?

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While Vanderpump Rules fans wait with bated breath for Jax Taylor to finally kick James Kennedy's ass, James is causing more trouble.

Specifically, James is picking fights and feuding with his co-stars on Twitter. It's getting out of hand.

A new report explains that there is, for once, a method to James' madness.

James Kennedy, Vanderpump Rules Party

RadarOnline has released a report with some insight into James Kennedy's motivations for his recent social media attacks on his castmates.

"James is starting all these fights because he is just super desperate to stay on the show," the insider reports.

"He knows that the more drama he causes while the show is airing this season," the source notes. "The less chance that Lisa will get rid of him."

"The show needs the drama," the insider explains.

That is, after all, the fuel that keeps reality television running.

"And," the source admits. "Lisa needs the ratings.”

James Kennedy: Timberland and American Rag present MarkMakers

“It is just sad," the insider characterizes.

The source explains that it's regrettable "because it is getting to the point where there are a lot of people legitimately concerned."

A little bit of feuding can be great for someone's image or even career.

What James is doing reeks of desperation -- and seems self-destructive.

He's making a spectacle of himself, and it is not flattering.

These people are worried, says the insider, "for his well-being and mental health."

James Kennedy Mirror Selfie

James welcomed the first week of 2019 with a series of vicious verbal attacks.

"Katie Maloney is one disgusting human," James accused in a tweet.

"Basically making up stories about me to gain, gain, gain!" he declared.

"Her marriage won’t last," James predicted. "And neither will she after Pump Rules."

Katie did not appear to take the bait.

Jax and James

"And Jax?" James tweeted.

"He is just a sad man after his daddy died," James taunted.

That is unspeakably cruel of James to say.

"I’m the only brother that you don’t like," James accused.

"Make peace with your dead father please so you can be set free," he snapped.

That goes for La La also," James added. "BTW, he made fun of George when he left."

Lala Kent and James Kennedy

Brittany Cartwright replied to those attack tweets, which have since been deleted.

"The disgust continues," Brittany wrote. "@ItsJamesKennedy I pray YOU will find peace some day."

James saw her tweet and fired back, once again taking aim at Jax.

"Jax is the disgust," James announced.

"That lives in most people screens and baby you're engaged to it," James fired back. "#GoodLuck #GreatFirstWife."


James Kennedy Pic

Later, James appeared to have regretted saying all of that.

At first, he claimed that he had been "hacked."

With the exception of when a fast food chain's account starts tweeting nude pics and links to somebody's soundcloud, nobody believes that.

James followed that up with an apology.

"I am sorry for what I said about Jax and Lala and I apologize deeply to them and anyone I offended," James wrote.

"I hope you guys also stop provoking me," James said, which totally negated his own apology.

Saying nasty things and then claiming you were provoked is ... not okay.

"Thank you," James concluded. "And Happy New Year!"

Jax Taylor Looks Contemplative

Jax accepted James' apology in the spirit in which it was given -- by which we mean that he did not accept the apology at all.

"Keep your fake ass apology homie," Jax wrote. "I know Bravo made you do this."


"We aren't idiots," Jax stated. "Know your role in life and keep your mouth shut."

"You will always be on the bottom of the totem pole in life until you figure your s--t out," Jax predicted.

He concluded: "You're a sad miserable human being. I feel bad for you."

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