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On October 15, 2018, James and Denise Closs were found shot dead in their Wisconsin home.

Their 13-year-old daughter, Jayme Closs, was nowhere to be found.

Jayme Closs

Authorities feared the worst, and as the frantic search for Jayme reached the 87-day mark, friends and neighbors began to lose hope.

But astonishingly, on Thursday evening, a dog walker happened upon Jayme more than 70 miles from her home.

The teen was alive, but so shaken by the events of the past three months that she was virtually unable to speak.

Jayme Closs Pic

Together, Jayme and the dog walker proceeded to the nearest home, which belonged to Kristen and Peter Kasinskas.

"This is Jayme Closs!" Kristen recalls the neighbor shouting. "Call 911!"

Like all area residents, Kristen knew Jayme’s name from the non-stop news coverage of her horrific story.

Closs map

As Kristen Kasinskas called for help, the bedraggled teen stood in her kitchen, where she declined food and water, but interacted with the family’s puppy.

"I honestly still think I’m dreaming right now. It was like I was seeing a ghost," her husband, Peter Kasinskas, told the Star Tribune newspaper in Minneapolis.

Though a suspect — 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson — was arrested just ten minutes after Jayme was found, the details of the girl’s disappearance remain mysterious.

Jayme Closs Image

Jayme’s story has become a subject of national fascination, but it may be quite some time before authorities are able to offer a clear picture of what  she endured over the past 87 days.

For now, Jayme’s remaining family is just happy to have her back home, alive.

"She is alive and on her way home from the bottom of my heart thank you all for the help!" cousin Searra Closs posted on Facebook Thursday night.

Jayme Closs Photo

"I can never repay each and everyone one of you for posting and sharing and contributing to the search of my cousin Jayme Closs!"

Police received thousands of tips following Jayme’s disappearance.

They believe she was at home at the time that her parents were shot, but it remains unclear how events unfolded in the hours after the murders.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.