Fernanda Flores Slams Husband Jonathan Rivera: You're DISLOYAL!

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So many 90 Day Fiance fans were rooting for these two, but ... sometimes it's not enough.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera have exchanged veiled barbs following their split.

Now, it looks like Fernanda is escalating things and calling out Jonathan -- saying that he's disloyal.

Fernanda Flores in White

Fernanda Flores has mostly avoided directly singling out Jonathan for criticism.

But if you look at this post, shared to her Instagram Stories, you can tell that she's sending a message -- in all caps.

"He is not just a dog," Fernanda wrote of her beloved canine companion alongside a photo of the precious doggo.

"He has more personality, integrity, empathy, and LOYALTY than most people I know," she praised.

In another font, Fernanda wrote across the image: "Family."

Fernanda Flores dog tribute

Now, we all love dogs, and having a dog means praising them every single day, in person and online.

But Fernanda's message seemed to have very clear implications.

You don't normally praise a dog's integrity. Like ... what's an honest dog, exactly?

That's the first clue that she's making a jab at Jonathan.

Then, when she writes "LOYALTY" in all caps, that hammers it home.

Finally, she's saying that she doesn't need her estranged husband, because she still has a family -- and her dog is part of it.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera Tell All

Is she accusing Jonathan of cheating?

Well ... no.

Sure, usually an accusation of disloyalty might be the same as an allegation of cheating.

In this case, though, we think that it's about Jonathan's refusal to take Fernanda back or accept her apology.

They were, after all, married.

This is also not the first time that Fernanda has used social media to imply that Jonathan broke his wedding vows by giving up on their relationship.

Fernanda Flores in the City

In a now-deleted post, Fernanda took to Instagram and quoted her wedding vows.

She followed that line with: "he said."

The implication? That Jonathan had made promises to stand by her through thick and then, but had given up on them instead.

However, Jonathan has insisted that he gave "110%" to the relationship, that he never gave up on Fernanda or on them.

He says that eventually, he loved himself too much to continue with Fernanda -- which sounds more than a little vague.

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores Dance

We don't know exactly what went down.

We know two big things about their breakup:

First, we know that apparently Fernanda was no longer satisfied living in a small town.

(To be fair, Lumberton is absolutely a small town)

Jonathan says that she wanted to live in a larger city, like Chicago, and do modeling work.

The other thing that we know is that they had a fight that resulted in Fernanda walking away.

Whatever it was that Fernanda said to Jonathan, he says that they were not the sorts of things that one can take back.

Fernanda Has Concerns

Jonathan and Fernanda have not spoken since December 22, 2018.

Fernanda has been spending time in Texas, cooling off and presumably deciding her next move.

She has also posted a number of modeling photos, though it is unclear how many of them were taken before the fight.

Jonathan has returned home, though he spent the holidays with his family -- minus his wife.

As much as we would love to see this gorgeous couple reconcile, they need to do what is best for them as individuals.

We wish them both the best of luck.

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