Farrah Abraham on Sophia's Underwear Pic: Calm Down, Prudes, It's Fine!

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Farrah Abraham is and always has been an absolute train wreck.

It's actually pretty wild when you think about just how big a mess she is, you know?

Farrah and Sophia Kisses

Sometimes it doesn't even seem like she's a real person, because you'd think that a real person would have figured out how to be a little less terrible over the years.

But nope, Farrah just keeps on truckin', no matter what.

And boy, has she trucked herself into a pickle this time.

The former Teen Mom OG star makes terrible parenting choices pretty consistently, we all know that.

But this week, she thought it would be OK to post a video on Snapchat that showed her daughter, Sophia, posing in her underwear.

Farrah and Sophia in Fiji

Like, a bra and panties.

Sophia is nine years old.

We're not sharing the video or any screenshots for obvious reasons, but the video was taken in a dressing room.

Sophia was wearing Calvin Klein underwear and dark lipstick, and she had her fingers on her head like devil horns.

There is no universe in existence in which the video would be appropriate.

Farrah and Sophia on a Plane

So many people complained about Farrah's post on social media, and enough people reported it to Snapchat that it was taken down.

If you look at her account now, you can see a video of her looking into the camera and saying "Ask me if I care."

Because, as it turns out, she really does not.

Farrah spoke with TMZ about the controversy, and she told the site that she doesn't think her video was inappropriate at all, and that it's "no different than the kids modelling for Calvin Klein."

I'm Coming Back!

Except ... Calvin Klein doesn't make children's underwear ads?

Does she honestly think that having her 9-year-old child posing in her underwear is the same as Calvin Klein ads featuring kids in jeans and dresses or whatever?

There is no limit to her delusional thinking, is there?

Farrah also said that the video was cool because it was taken in a Nordstrom where there's a public space for people to check out the clothes they're trying on in mirrors.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham

So not only was Sophia in her underwear on Snapchat, but she was also in her underwear outside the dressing room.

And she really doesn't see a problem with any of that.

"I know my daughter and I are living our best lives wearing Calvin Kleins," she told TMZ.


It shouldn't be surprising that she's taking this stance though.

Farrah Abraham at 2018 VMAs

Her father, Michael, made a similar statement yesterday.

"Let's see ... underwear or a bikini bathing suit what's the difference?" he asked. "There is none."

"Most likely, the people making this stir has a daughter, niece, granddaughter, wife, grandmother, aunt, neighbor etc. that wear bikinis that show much more than that picture shows."

He then went on this spiel about how he's a veteran and America has freedoms, and "Prudish people and haters don't minimize our armed forces and patriots that have paid the ultimate price so we all can have the freedom to live our lives as we wish."

Can you imagine using your status as a veteran to defend your daughter posting risque photos of your grandchild on Snapchat?

How has the Abraham family even survived in society for this many generations?

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