Derick Dillard SLAMMED by Fans for Faking Weight Problem

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Though there have been times when Derick Dillard says something decent, he is once again coming under fire for a tweet of his.

Fans are absolutely outraged after he shared what appeared to be heartfelt story about the steps he took to lose weight when he needed to.

Take a look and you'll understand his followers and their ire.

Derick Dillard in Class

"The Key to Keeping Your 2019 Resolutions," Derick Dillard tweeted on the same Twitter account he used to derail his reality career.

The eye-catching tweet, which proved controversial for reasons that we will explain, links to a blog post.

"Some of you may not know this, but 7 years ago I weighed nearly 400 pounds," Derick's stunning post begins.

"The day was New Years Eve, 2011," Derick writes. "And I knew I needed to discipline myself to lose 250 pounds and lose it fast!"

That is quite a goal for a person to have.

Derick Dillard tweets about weight loss

"I didn’t know how I was going to do it," Derick's surprising post says. "Nor how I would stay focused."

"But," he writes. "I was determined that it was going to happen, and nothing could stop me."

"I even surprised myself when I saw that nearly 100 pounds had just melted away in the first month!" he claims.

That would be multiple pounds of weight loss per day, alarming on multiple levels.

"I ended-up ahead of schedule," Derick says. "Dropping 251 pounds in just 3 months!"

Derick Dillard on Insta

If you're scratching your head at Derick's unbelievable story, know that it isn't believable for a reason.

Like so much of what comes out of Derick's mouth, it just isn't true.

"If this story sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is," Derick announces, as if he is proud of himself.

There’s a lot of talk this time of year about making resolutions," he says.

Derick continues: "Whether you intend to make a physical, financial, spiritual, or some other resolution, it’s important to have a game-plan for success."

He then outlines a generic self-help outline for reaching goals.

Derick of course concludes: "nothing ultimately matters anyway unless it’s done for the one true God."

Jill and Derick Selfie

Fans who clicked through to his article and found that he had been duped were understandably outraged.

"DO NOT CLICK ON THIS FOLKS," advised one fan on Twitter. "it’s a fake ad to get you to visit their website, lies lies lies!"

"They are scum and just want clicks for money for themselves," cautions another. "Even if that means outright LYING"

"Oh, I just read the whole thing,” an additional follower warns. “Shame on you for pretending to have a significant weight problem as clickbait for your blog."

"You used a lie to get money," that same follower accuses. "I don’t think that’s very Christ-like."

Jill and Derick Love the Troops

The first day's of a new year are an unnervingly predatory time on social media.

Many people make resolutions to alter their diet, exercise habits, or simply to lose weight by any means necessary.

Some celebrities exploit this by endorsing weight-loss products, like those that Jameela Jamil has been opposing.

The products sold to often young, impressionable fans are often bad for them, and may simply give them diarrhea.

In Derick's case, he's using a phony story to attract his personal fans to his personal blog.

Is he exploiting his followers for ad revenue or just trying to make a buck like everybody else?

Derick Dillard on Social Media

What Derick essentially did was prank his fans.

If there is ever an acceptable time for a prank (and there is not), it would be April Fool's Day.

Baiting fans with a bogus story of miraculous weight-loss is ... well, ethically questionable at best, right? 

Still, this is far from the most reprehensible thing that Derick has ever tweeted.

His transphobic attacks against Jazz Jennings, which ultimately led to his firing from Counting On, are still fresh in many people's minds.

Any grown man who would use his platform and his religion to cyberbully a teenage girl is capable of lying to get some extra clicks to his blog.

We can understand why his followers felt betrayed.

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