Colton Underwood Shares Epic Throwback Photo: This is Why I Was a Virgin!

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As he's made clear many times over the past several months, Colton Underwood has never come inside of a woman.

But the current star of The Bachelor just made it very clear on Instagram:

He has come very far over the years!

old underwood

On Wednesday night, Underwood surprised his 1.1 million followers by sharing a photo of himself from his high school prom, juxtaposed with a photo of himself from a recent night out.

As you can see above, Underwood used to be a tad bit awkward back in the day.

And that's probably being generous.

"It’s crazy what a tailor and some confidence can do for a person," Colton penned as a caption to the images, the second of which we've posted below.

Quite a change, right?

current colton

Underwood, as you've very likely heard, is a virgin.

Well, he was a virgin back when that first picture above was snapped -- and he stayed that way for many years.

However, based on a handful of The Bachelor spoilers we've heard about, read and then published, he may have finally gotten it on inside of a Fantasy Suite this season.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel a little while ago, Underwood said the following about spending an unknown period of time alone with a suitor and, presumably, under the sheets.

"I will say the Fantasy Suite was the most pivotal week of my journey...yes I made it to that week," he tells the talk show host in the following clip:

Based on our scouring of the Internet, Underwood actually realizes who he wants to marry immediately after this Fantasy Suite encounter -- which is why we really think he's no longer a virgin.

Colton, meanwhile, previously opened up about his transformation from awkward high school student to professional football player, telling The LadyGang podcast that he was referred to as the "ugly duckling" in during his teenage years.

"I had curly hair, braces, pimples, you talk about going through puberty and the worst things that go with it, I had it, for sure,” he said.

"And then I had a bottom retainer so my lisp was really bad. I still have a minor one when I get really excited.”

We feel you, man. High school sort of sucks for this reason.

Colton Underwood: Peace!

Underwood also told People Magazine last month that it's taken a long time for him to simply accept himself.

“For a long time I was just a football player, but I want people to see me for who I am,” he said of appearing on The Bachelor, adding:

“I’m not this perfect dude. I have mistakes and I have flaws but I’m going to grow and get better from it."

As for his persona? What he's learned since that prom photo was taken?

“I’m undeniably myself, and I think realizing that is the way to live life,” he added. “I may be goofy, I may be corny and I may be cheesy, but I’m me.

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