Lady Gaga: Tearful Testimony In Kesha Rape Lawsuit Revealed

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Back in 2016, Kesha alleged that she had been raped by Dr. Luke, an A-list music producer who has worked with just about every big name in pop over the course of his career.

The allegations never resulted in any criminal charges, but Kesha's lawsuit against Luke and his subsequent countersuit have led to countless headlines and many hours of sworn testimony.

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At least two of Luke's other high-profile collaborators have provided depositions thus far.

Back in November, testimony from Katy Perry revealed that while she sympathized with Kesha, she denied the singer's claims that she had also been raped by Luke.

Documents that were unsealed that same week revealed that Lady Gaga provided emotional support to Kesha as she grappled with the decision to go public with her allegations.

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Gaga's testimony was made public this week, and while the singer says she was never assaulted by Luke, her sympathy for her fellow abuse survivor is obvious.

Before she began her testimony, Gaga's lawyer revealed that whole episode “has proved to be a trigger event” for her.

“[S]he has experienced in the past few hours some PTSD reactions which is causing some trauma and emotional reactivity,” he said.

“So she is crying now the record will reflect.”

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From there, Gaga recounted meeting with Kesha not long after Luke's alleged attack.

"What we discussed was what I recall was her immense sadness and depression and fear," Gaga recalled.

"She was visibly very different than when I had seen her before, and — but I can’t say specifically what exactly we spoke about. I just recall that it was emotional, and I wanted to be there for her."

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Gaga went on to reveal what Kesha later told her about the assault.

"She told me that he used power and manipulation in some fashion or some type of verbiage," Gaga recalled.

"I am not repeating exactly the words that came out of her mouth, but that he used power and manipulation to control her, and that she had been given a happy pill, that he offered her something and that she took it, and that she woke up and didn’t remember, and that’s what she told me."

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Asked if she felt that Kesha's claims would damage Luke's reputation, Gaga aptly pointed out that there are bigger things at stake here than one man's reputation:

"Reputation, if you are asking about his reputation in the world, I don’t feel at liberty to speak for the entire world," the singer stated.

"So if you are asking what my view is of his reputation, I made my view of him and his reputation when I saw her in that back room. That was an image that — of something that happened to me, and I felt and knew in my heart that she was telling the truth, and I believe her."

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Asked why Kesha would come forward after initially remaining quiet about the alleged assault, Gaga became irate: 

"And when this happens in this industry, it is kept extremely secret, and it is compounded by contracts and manipulative power scenarios that actually include this very situation that we are all in right now," she told the court.

"Why on earth would this girl tell the entire world that this happened? Why on earth? Do you know what it’s like for survivors? Do you know what it’s like to tell people?

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"Don’t you roll your eyes at me," she told an attorney for Luke.

"You should be ashamed of yourself."

The outcome of Kesha and Luke's competing lawsuits remains to be seen, but whatever the case, Gaga in many others have made it clear that they will no longer be intimidated into silence by powerful men. 

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