Caroline Bedol Shares Suicidal Tweet; Below Deck Star Gets Visited by Cops

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A new report about Caroline Bedol has Below Deck fans very concerned.

Simply put, those close to the reality star were afraid last month that she was going to take her own life.

Caroline Bedol

According to Radar Online, the Norwalk, Connecticut Police Department was contacted by Bedol's loved ones after she sent a disturbing Tweet on or around December 9.

It was on this date that cops visited Bedol at home to do a "welfare check," Vidal Gonez told Radar, adding of what prompted a call from someone familiar with Bedol:

“Her Twitter message said ‘I’m depressed, I’m not ok, it’s over, not going to be around."

Gonez explained that they contacted the Westport Police Department and they “were able to make contact with her and advised us that she was okay."

We're very glad to hear this, of course.

But we're not shocked to hear that Bedol hasn't been in a great place for awhile.


On the Below Deck episode that aired prior to this frightening Tweet being sent, Bedol actually told her bosses that she was quitting with just two days notice.

She said at the time that chief stew Kate Chastain was a "textbook psychopath" and that she and second stew Josiah Carter had been harassing her on board the yacht.

“Caroline locked herself in her room,” a source said of what transpired after she said she was quitting, expounding as follows:

“Kate and Josiah banged on her door non-stop for about 15 minutes - demanding that she pack her bags and leave immediately.

"They then blasted techno music from boom-box speakers at Caroline’s door.”

Kate then reportedly yelled through the door that Caroline was actually quitting due to a “herpes outbreak,” per All About the Tea, and Josiah allegedly responded by stating: “Oh my God! Gross!”

Ummm... what?!?

bedol tweet

In response to this reported mistreatment, Bedol wrote on Twitter that Kate has a "cocaine" problem and that Below Deck producers, including Andy Cohen, act like her "flying monkeys" by giving in to her every whim and command.

“At least 20 people were on board, watching me being verbally assaulted and nobody did sh*t,” Bedol later said of what transpired.

After being disinvited from the reunion, she added:

“The reason the producers gave me for not being invited was that I wouldn’t be able to handle it or be happy with the result and it will further exacerbate my emotional unrest.”

In a word? Yikes.

Bedol again

This is all a complicated mess, especially for those who did not watch Below Deck last season.

Like many realiy stars before her, Caroline Bedol stirred up some drama and may have been the victim of some truly horrible co-workers.

Unlike other reality stars before her, however, she strongly hinted at committing suicide.

We pray she is doing better now.

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