Alexis Skyy: I'm In Love With Rob Kardashian! I'm NOT Using Him For Fame!

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Earlier this week, the celebrity gossip world was stunned by news that Rob Kardashian is dating Alexis Skyy.

There are numerous reasons why so many were floored by this revelation:

Alexis Skyy and rob

Being unemployed, living with his mom, and subjecting his exes to stalking and revenge porn campaigns haven't exactly made Rob the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood.

Despite that, Rob is apparently quite in demand in the world of semi-well-known Instagram models.

In fact, it was recently rumored that Rob was banging Alexis and Summer Bunni (best known as the woman with whom Offset cheated on Cardi B) at the same time.

Alexis Skyy Photo

But it seems Alexis has now emerged victorious in the battle for Rob's dong.

Many skeptics have suggested that Rob's sudden popularity with fame-seeking young women might have to less to do with his charm and more to do with his famous last name.

We're 100 percent inclined to agree with those skeptics, but it seems Alexis finds such theorizing offensive.

Alexis Skyy

These days, Rob's baby mama, Blac Chyna, is dating a rapper named Kid Buu.

And it seems Buu is among the many who think there's something fishy about Rob and Alexis' unexpected romance.

“You really wit Rob’s fat ass for love or is it just for clout,” he recently commented on Alexis' Instagram page.

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat

“To answer ur question… I love Rob,” she replied back directly.

Wow. Yeah, that just happened.

Alexis is already declaring her love for Rob.

Alexis Skyy Pic

To be fair, no one really knows how long these two have been going out.

They just went public when Rob declared Alexis his "WCW" this past Wednesday, but it's possible they've been involved for much longer than that.

Or maybe they're just moving extremely fast, as Rob tends to do.

Alexis Skyy in Denim

Hey, what's the worst that could happen?

Other than, ya know, Rob and Alexis end up filing numerous lawsuits against each other following an ugly breakup involving multiple allegations of domestic violence.

But what are the odds that that's gonna happen to Rob two relationships in a row?

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