90 Day Fiance Couple Olga and Steven FINALLY Reunite

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90 Day Fiance star Steven Frend caused a stir when he asked fans to pay his rent so that he can bring Olga and their baby over sooner.

But it looks like he's preparing to do just that, as he and Olga have reunited for the first time in months ... in Russia.

Next, Olga will need her K-1 visa to come to the United States.

Olga Koshimbetova and Steven Frend

On Wednesday, 90 Day Fiance star Olga Koshimbetova shared a photo of her and Steven Frend in the snow.

"Our first photo back together," Olga revealed in the caption.

Oh wow. That means that the two of them have not seen each other in person in months.

"Our babes is taking a nap with grandma," Olga shared, referring to their infant son, Alex.

"So," she concluded. "We decided to take a walk."

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova

"Today was the funniest day ever," Olga wrote in the captions of this pic.

She followed those words with a smiling emoji and a red heart emoji.

Steven confirmed her sentiments in the comments, writing: "Fun day."

It appears that the two of them went snowboarding -- obviously, without baby Alex in tow.

Fortunately, while they're in Russia, Olga's mother is apparently happy to pitch in with childcare.

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova and Baby

So what's next?

Clearly, the couple is gearing up to go to the United States.

As you may recall, Steven didn't exactly fill out the K-1 Visa paperwork for Olga when he was supposed to.

That was why their entire season was in Russia.

That was why, even for the Tell All special, Olga had to video chat with everyone.

But now that Steven has made realistic professional progress, he's in a financial position to bring Olga and Alex home with him.

They're just going to have to do the paperwork and wait for the visa.

Olga and Steven Frend and Their Baby

Of all of the Season 6 couples, Olga and Steven were not initially endearing.

Their origin story -- meeting on the East Coast while Olga was vacationing in the US -- sounded so romantic.

Seeing Steven angrily lecture Olga and try to rush her out of the hospital put a lot of fans on edge.

Repeatedly, he seemed to be rude to Olga, and even appeared to be jealous of his own son for occupying his mother's attention.

Fans understood that Steven was under a lot of pressure and also has some emotional baggage from his own family.

But that is an explanation -- not an excuse to be repeatedly rude.

Steven and Olga on 90 Day Fiance

That said, if you check social media, you can see that Steven and Olga remain very much in love.

(Even if Steven's gotten over all of that, and we hope that he has, Olga deserves a damn medal for patience)

We're happy for them and we hope that all goes smoothly for the two of them.

It is unclear at the moment as to whether Olga and Steven have done additional filming for 90 Day Fiance.

Other couples, like Ashley and Jay and the dreaded Colt and Larissa, have filmed for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

It would be interesting to see Steven and Olga film while together within the actual United States.

Olga and Steven Frend

Some fans speculate that perhaps Steven and Olga are waiting before Olga makes the big move.

In addition to financial factors, perhaps the couple is waiting for 90 Day Fiance cameras to capture them for Season 7.

That is pure speculation, but it would make sense to film them during Olga's actualy 90 days in America.

Only this week was it officially confirmed that 90 Day Fiance is renewed for a seventh season.

Maybe they'll be returning stars and will both be able to attend the Tell All special in person this time.

We'll see.

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