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According to Internet research, there are some people out there who find Michael Rapaport to be funny.

To any of these individuals, we have a simple question to ask:


Michael Rapaport
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The perpertually attention-starved actor (who is actually very good in the Netflix series Atypical, for whatever that is worth) made headlines this week when he shared a throwback photo of Ariana Grande and made fun of her appearance.

For what reason?

Because Rapaport is perpetually attention-starved, remember.

Along with a photo of a younger Grande throwing up a peace sign at the camera, the D-Lister wrote the following yesterday:

Ariana Grande is 27 acts 12, you take off those boots she hides her legs in, the cat eye make up and the genie pony tale and I think there’s hotter women working the counter at Starbucks no disrespect to Starbucks.

Ummmm… LOL?

Dissing Ari

As you might expect, the Internet jumped all over Rapaport for this Tweet and this awful non-joke.

"How dare she have a picture taken without being in full makeup! It’s like she’s a real person sometimes," wrote one user, while another added:

"first of all… this was 2012, second she is 25 not 27. she is indeed very petite but none the less can stand her ground. this is a more recent picture of her without makeup. ur welcome for me helping u rephrase ur facts! spread love not hate, its ugly. thank u, next."

Another person just referred to Rapaport as a "creep."

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To the actor’s credit (we guess), he didn’t back down or apologize.

He at least stood his ground and didn’t offer up some half-hearted mea culpa in the face of this backlash.

Nope, he just made himself sound like an even bigger douche canoe instead.

"When I talk vicioulsy (sic) about The Leader of the Free World aka Dick Stain Donald Trump or Tiki Torch Tough Guys in Virginia, I’m a Social Media HERO, but a joke about Ariana Grande is SHAMING. EAT Dwycks SnowFlakes," he Tweeted.

And then he added:

"I can say ANYTHING about Cockeyed Kellyanne, Laura Ingram,Melania,Ivanka or Candance Owens & you little Hipster Fake P–sy Power Hat Wearing MoFo’s get hype.Elation Talk shit about Arianna Grande & I hate Women? #Eat3Dwycks."

Mr Tweet

Grande has not responded to Rapaport, likely because he’s not worth an iota of her time.

But she also has a lot going on these days.

The singer was called out by Kanye West last week for sort of mocking his mental illness, and she’s also dealing with ex-fiance Pete Davidson seemingly spiraling downward in a hurry.

The comedian said a few days ago that he no longer "wants to be on Earth," prompting a panicked response by Ariana.

But sources say Davidson is refusing to see her.

We hope he’s doing okay.

And, with the exception of his role on Atypical, we hope Rapaport goes away forever.