Michael Rapaport is Attacking Kim Kardashian Now

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Michael Rapaport believes that any publicity is good publicity.

He has therefore set his sights on a new celebrity target.

We hope you're ready to be roasted by the least funny and most thirsty actor out there, Kim Kardashian!

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In the wake of trashing Ariana Grande for her appearance, Rapaport has returned to Instagram and gone after someone else far more famous than he'll ever be.

And it all started with what is new social media photo from Kardashian.

The former sex tape star snapped a selfie of her bikini body standing inside her closet - chock full of a purse collection that costs more than the average American makes in a year - on Wednesday night and wrote as a caption:

"I need a spray tan."

Kim Kardashian in Her Closet

To be clear, this is extraordinarily lame and insulting.

All Kardashian is really doing here is showing off her ridiculous figure and her even more ridiculous purse collection/

But we'll give her a pass momentarily in order to focus on Rapaport's response to the image.

"You hate yourself," he simply left as a comment.

Now, look: One could absolutely analyze Kardashian's need for attention and penchant for posing with very little clothing on as a sign of some larger insecurity. No doubt.

She craves the compliments most followers are giving her alongside this snapshot because she needs to feel loved by strangers in order to fill some sort of void deep within herself.

But we somehow doubt Rapaport is really offering up such a diagnosis.

He's just being a troll.

hate yourself

And Noah Cyrus has called him out for it.

“@michaelrapaport bruh. Why you soooo mad. Stop attacking women for likes," Miley's sister clapped back at the actor.

Also on Wednesday, Rapaport shared an old photo of Grande for some reason and decided to simply slam her looks for no reason whatsoever.

This is what he wrote, as you can see below:

"Ariana Grande is 27 acts 12, you take off those boots she hides her legs in, the cat eye make-up, and the genie pony tail, and I think there’s hotter women working the counter at Starbucks. No disrespect to Starbucks."

dissing ari

You'd hope the guy could at least be funny while he's being cruel. But alas.

After receiving endless backlash to such a mean remark, Rapaport chose not to apologize.

Instead, he doubled down and tried to somehow argue that a double standard was at work because... he insults Donald Trump with impunity?

We're not really sure about his misspelled logic here, but this is what Rapaport wrote to his critics:

When I talk vicioulsy (sic) about The Leader of the Free World aka Dick Stain Donald Trump or Tiki Torch Tough Guys in Virginia, I'm a Social Media HERO, but a joke about Ariana Grande is SHAMING. EAT Dwycks SnowFlakes.

I can say ANYTHING about Cockeyed Kellyanne, Laura Ingram,Melania,Ivanka or Candance Owens & you little Hipster Fake P--sy Power Hat Wearing MoFo's get hype.Elation Talk shit about Arianna Grande & I hate Women? #Eat3Dwycks.

mr tweet

Neither Kim nor Ariana has responded to Rapaport's idiocy.

And we doubt they will.

Why elevate his nonsense on their platform, you know?

As content creators, we're excited to see who Rapaport slams next.

As human beings, however, we'd really prefer it if he just went away forever and ever.

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