Eric Rosenbrook: 90 Day Fiance Star Losing Custody Due to Leida's Bullying

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Though Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha quit 90 Day Fiance after facing backlash and even death threats, their story continues.

Eric and his middle daughter, Tasha, had a falling out over Leida so severe that Eric went to the police.

Now we learn that, thanks to how Leida treats his youngest daughter, he might no longer be allowed to see her.

Eric and a Disappointed Leida

RadarOnline reports that Eric went so far as to file a harassment report with the police against his own teenage daughter.

Why? Because he didn't like the things that she was saying on social media.

"Eric advised that Nataszia has been posting things on her social media accounts," a police officer noted in his report.

The two of them told the officer that Tasha was "trying to damage Eric and Leida’s reputation." 

Eric and Leida have done a find job of that on their own on 90 Day Fiance. They don't need any help.

Tasha Shrugs on 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance viewers all know his daughter as Tasha.

Honestly, if your parents name you Nataszia and you are not a Russian dragon, you're entitled to be on the outs with them as an adult.

The officer's notes also reveal: "Eric stated that he believes this is defamation of character."

He apparently believed that this was so serious that he contacted the actual police about his daughter's social media posts.

Eric and Leida on 90 Day Fiance

Eric and Leida showed the officer Tasha's social media posts, but he was less than impressed by the evidence.

"Nataszia does mention only Leida in one post," the officer notes. "But there is no last name."

"The post also states that someone [Leida] had her Instagram account deleted for harassment and bullying," the officer adds.

The officer writes: "I was advised that was because Leida, in the past did post things in response to Nataszia’s post."

"And," the officer points out. "That is no longer the case."

Eric Listens on 90 Day Fiance

While Tasha revealed that Eric was previously homeless and living in his car and also defended herself against his claims, Eric didn't have much of a case.

The officer advised Eric that he would be "just as guilty as Nataszia" because of the things that he had claimed about her.

There was also the matter of Tasha's freedom of speech.

If Eric feels that she is committing libel or slander, he could take her to court over it -- civil court.

With some very specific exceptions, you cannot press criminal charges against people for saying unflattering things on social media.

Tasha Rosenbrook

The next day, on December 6, Tasha and her mother, Tania, contacted the police.

(We don't think that the timing was suspect, but rather that they wanted to make sure that law enforcement saw Tasha's side)

"All of the posts were of similar nature to what Eric and Leida informed me that Nataszia was doing to them,” the officer's report reads.

“Nataszia advised that this has been bothering her mentally," the police note. "And it sheds a negative image of her to her ‘fans.’"

Tasha is a cosplay enthusiast and, of course, attracted additional fans after her appearances on 90 Day Fiance.

Leida and Eric

"Nataszia requested that I ask Eric and Leida to quit posting negative stuff about her," the report says.

The officer gave Tasha and Tania the same reminder: both parties have said unkind things.

Also, Eric and Leida also have the legal right to speak their minds, with certain very speciic exceptions.

If Tasha and Tania wanted to find the money to take them to court, that would be a civil matter.

However, Tania did bring up another subject is much more important than anything that anyone in the family has written on social media.

Eric Rosenbrook

Tania asked police about her younger daughter, who is still a minor.

"She stated there are no court documents on custody," the officer's report reveals.

"And," the report says, Tania informed police "that there is an arrangement with Eric as far as placement with the other child verbally.”

“Tania said that her other child does not want to go stay with Eric anymore," the report reveals.

The child apparently feels this way "because Leida belittles the child and makes fun of her."

That sounds very upsetting. No minor should be treated that way by a grown adult.

Leida is Unhappy

Though police may have felt exhasperated by this family at this point, they are no strangers to dealing with family squabbles.

The officer did inform Tania that, if there is no court order or written agreement for custody, Tania's daughter does not have to visit Eric.

Eric and Tania will have to hash it out in court.

Of course, this could give Leida exactly what she wants, as viewers saw her demand that Eric stop paying child-support to Tania.

90 Day Fiance - Tasha Listens to Leida

Tania also mentioned that she wishes for Eric to stop harassing her at her home.

"I advised Tania that she needs to contact the law enforcement agency where she lives," the officer notes.

Tania needs to do that "and inform them on what is going on and her wishes about Eric staying off her property."

It sounds like Tania had initially only gone there to support Tasha, but then asked her own questions.

The real question we have is: is any of this worth it to any of the people involved?

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