The Walking Dead Recap: Did Rick Grimes Die?

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The Walking Dead said goodbye to an original star on Sunday night. 

And no, we're not talking about one of the recurring players here. We're talking about the character who kickstarted the franchise on the series premiere, Rick Grimes!

A Wounded Rick Grimes

If you watch The Walking Dead online, you know that Rick was injured at the close of last week's episode after trying to lure two herds of walkers away from his comrades. 

With Rick going in and out of consciousness, he met a lot of his fallen friends, and one of them was Shane aka the man who got jiggy with Rick's wife, Lori while he was in a coma. 

It was a surprising scene because it took Rick all the way back to his days as a police officer, patrolling the streets of Atlanta with his BFF. 

It didn't last long, however, and Rick found himself back in the present and a walker about to kill him. He managed to fight it and escaped with his horse. 

Yes, it may seem like Rick is invincible, but he has been fighting these zombies for several years, so it makes sense ... kind of. 

Another ghost from the past Rick met was Hershel who told Rick it was okay for him to let go, and that Maggie was growing as a leader every single day. 

Lincoln, Andrew

All of these visions seemed to want Rick to know that he could die and everyone would be able to move on if they had to. 

The most striking vision was Rick on a huge landscape filled with bodies, but the bodies were of everyone Rick's ever been close to. 

It was harrowing for sure, but there was a beacon of hope in the form of the dearly departed Sasha. 

“’Cause you did your part like I did mine… like the others did before us,” she said.

“They gave us the strength that we needed to do what we had to do for the others, and the others draw strength from us. We make each other better, and it never ends.”

Scott Wilson

“It crosses over toward the brave and loving.” 

With that, Rick woke back up and was saved by Michonne and his friends, but he was not out of the woods. As he prepared to die, his girlfriend had some words for him. 

It’s not over,” she said. “We don’t die.”

That's when we learned that Rick was still unconscious and he imagined the reunion. He continued to try and take the zombies away from his friends. 

Rick found dynamite on the bridge with the walkers who were about to make their way to the other communities, so he blew the bridge up.

Everyone was stunned by the loss of Rick, noting that he died a hero. However, he was well and truly alive down the river. 

Anne Saves Rick

Anne appeared and claimed she was going to save Rick from this horrible world.  

“It's not a trick, not anymore. I’m trying to save a friend who saved me," she claimed to the people on the walkie-talkie.

"I have something for you now. We have a deal?"

Rick and Anne were picked up by the chopper and taken well and truly away from the danger zone. 

What the eff just happened? As if that big twist was not bad enough, we were thrown straight into the future to meet a much older Judith who was leading the charge on a rescue mission. 

What are your thoughts on Rick's last stand?

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