The Voice Recap: Did Lynnea Moorer Get the Boot?

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Lynnea Moorer may have won the Comeback Stage of The Voice Season 13, but she's been struggling to resonate with both the viewers at home and with the coaches. 

The Comeback Stage was introduced as a means to coach struggling artists who did not achieve a chair turn during the Blind Auditions. In all honesty, it's rather ridiculous. 

Lynnea Moorer, DeAndre Nico on The Voice

In any case, Lynnea Moorer has been in the bottom the last two weeks, and better performers have been sent home as a result of this. Did her luck run out during Tuesday's results show?

As is always the case nowadays, the sixty-minute installment was stuffed with performances that nobody cared about. Viewers care about who gets sent home during the results episode, and nothing more. 

Sent to Safety

Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer)

Kymberli Joye (Team Kelly)

Reagan Strange (Team Adam)

Chris Kroeze (Team Blake)

Kirk Jay (Team Blake)

MaKenzie Thomas (Team Jennifer)

Sarah Grace (Team Kelly)

Dave Fenley (Team Blake) Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly)

DeAndre Nico on The Voice

That left Lynnea to duke it out with DeAndre Nico. Surely this would spell the end of Lynnea's time in the competition. Three weeks at the bottom is a big no-no. 

Lynnea Moorer (Team Kelly) - “Tattooed Heart”

Ariana Grande has a wide vocal range, but Lynnea does not. The comeback kid's rendition of this hit song started off pretty well, but it quickly fell apart. 

There's a lack of consistency with Lynnea's vocals. it probably explains why she didn't get the coveted chair turn during the Blinds. The producers wanted to shake things up. 

Instead, they've allowed a subpar performer to make it further into the process than she should have. 

DeAndre Nico (Team Adam) - “Take Me to the King”

The biggest surprise here was that DeAndre found himself in the bottom two with Lynnea. He's actually one of the better performers. Even though he wasn't as good as usual on Monday, he was still a cut above most of the others. 

In the end, this was a return to form for him, and there was no way he would lose out. 

Lynnea Moorer on The Voice

In the most predictable result ever, DeAndre was saved, while Lynnea lost her place in the competition. 

What are your thoughts on the latest developments?

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The Voice continues Monday on NBC. 

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