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Emily Simpson was introduced as the friend of Tamra Judge earlier this season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but one thing’s for sure after Monday’s season finale:

They’re no longer friends. 

In a hilarious scene early into the episode, Tamra showed up at a party at Emily’s home and her husband, Eddie, was in tow. 

Tamra Judge Is Not Impressed
Photo via Bravo

"I recognize you. Son!" Pary, Emily’s mother-in-law, yelled at Eddie the moment he walked into the house. 

"Yeah, I brought my son," Tamra quipped, yet visibly mad about the whole encounter. For the record, Tamra is six years older than Eddie, so this whole scenario seemed like a thinly veiled attempt to cause some drama. 

"Are you kidding me?" said a shocked Gina Kirschenheiter to Tamra. 

"I’m sorry!" said Pary as she leaned over to hug Eddie. "But it is good. He looks like your son."

"My son has no hair, and my other son’s blonde, so okay," Tamra responded as though she was about to flip the hell out. 

Tamra Judge for Season 13
Photo via Bravo

But Tamra’s real son showed up mere moments later, and Tamra said the following:

"Hello, son. My actual real son’s here."

That wasn’t the only drama at the party. Would it be a Real Housewives finale without enough drama to fill an entire season?

Shannon Beador, Tamra, and Gina were still at odds over what was being said about Shannon when she flipped out while on vacation. 

"I wanna make one thing very, very clear," Shannon said to Gina. "I blew up at a dinner party after a few shots. I am completely mentally sane."

"I’m concerned based off of what your friends are saying — and the way that you’re acting," Gina said.

Gina Kirschenheiter Hat Pic
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"Can I tell you what I’m a little bit concerned about, Gina?" Shannon fired back. "I’m thinking you’re kind of a pot-stirrer. You told Emily that I said she was in an abusive marriage, which never came out of my mouth."

Gina was not impressed and continued to claim that those words did not leave her mouth. 

"You tried to put me in the responsible part for Emily threatening to kill Kelly, which is outrageous," Shannon continued.

Tamra turned to a confessional to say that Shannon has a habit of bringing up things from the past and that it was hurting her. 

"She’s like my ex-husband!" Tamra said. "If she’s pissed off about something I said ten years ago, I’m still hearing about it!"

Kelly Dodd for Season 13
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Elsewhere, Kelly Dodd finally introduced the ladies to her new boyfriend, Alex, to the housewives. 

"He’s young and hot," Kelly gushed, adding:

"He’s big d*** daddy from Cincinnati," she said in front of Emily’s mother.

"He’s got a PHD too, pretty huge d***," she continued. 

Then there was the OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson, who was adamant that she wanted to marry her boyfriend, Steve. 

Vicki did shock him by asking him to attend pre-marital counseling, but he had the best response:

"As long as you give me some dessert," he said. 

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