Teen Mom OG Recap: Roll With the Punches

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Teen Mom OG serves as a great reminder that baby daddy drama can be forever.

Both Bristol and Cheyenne grappled with very different types of baby daddy drama.

And Amber, who gave the episode its title, was taking up boxing as therapy to ward off yet another Instagram meltdown.

Bristol Palin with Tripp in the car on Teen Mom OG

Bristol was grappling with baby daddy Levi Johnson's refusal to sign off on Tripp's Dancing With The Stars: Junior contract.

"Levi refused to sign this contract," Bristol claimed. "Saying that he has zero interest in the money that Tripp makes."

Bristol accused: "He's had this document for two months now."

"All these triggers with my baby daddies…they all come from money," Bristol lamented.

She then confessed: "I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong to have all these terrible relationships."

Sometimes, terrible people date terrible people. Water always finds its level.

Hi, It's Bristol

So why was Bristol's first baby daddy balking?

Levi himself, who was kind of entertaining for a while in 2008 but never deserved to be played by Justin Gaston on HBO's Game Change, explains.

"Don't play that on me…you sent me a piece of paper with no contract to look at, so I didn't know what I'm signing," Levi countered.

Levi said: "That's not how it works."

Bristol, however, thinks that Levi is missing the urgency of the situation.

"Tripp's not being paid until that contract is signed," Bristol grumbled.

In the end, Levi did sign it, and surprised her with cash for half of the plane ticked back to Alaska.

Cate and Tyler Photo

Then there was Catelynn and Tyler, who were having some communication issues as they discussed going to couples counseling.

"He’s bad at saying what he needs to say in the right way," Catelynn noted.

"He just comes across really sharp,” she explained. 

“I’m a feeler, so I feel that intense like, holy s--t, someone’s pissed off," she continued.

Catelynn was quick to clarify: "It’s nothing huge or detrimental to our relationship."

Being hypersensitive to the moods of others, especially to tone of voice, is an extremely common symptom of PTSD.

Catelynn on Season 8

One of the issues that they were having was how Nova had refused to leave Catelynn's side for so long.

They were concerned about her separation anxiety when Catelynn left to do a show about adoption.

Ultimately, their biggest worry as a couple was about continuing to process old wounds.

Having given up their child for adoption when they were just 16 and then remaining together as a couple has really left some emotional scars.

They did resolve that they can get through anything, including bringing up these sensitive topics in therapy.

Amber Portwood boxing on Teen Mom OG

Amber Portwood spent some time letting off some steam with some boxing.

She has taken up the sport as therapy for her bipolar depression and her anger issues.

After Amber's latest tirade in which she threatened violence and used slurs, it's a relief to see that she has an outlet.

"I got a four month old baby!" Amber shouted after 

So this would have been filmed in, what, early-ish September?

Amber and Andrew

Amber had confessed to partner Andrew Glennon that she was not an athletic child.

She then went on to hold her own while boxing.

Afterward, she was very emotional as she spoke to Andrew.

"Meeting you, and the people that you surround yourself with, uplifts me to know that I can do more in life," she confessed through tears.

That is very sweet. Though her recent social media tirade shows that she still has a lot of ground to cover.

Cory Wharton and Family

Cheyenne Floyd was having baby daddy drama, just like Bristol. Unlike Bristol, her drama also involved her current beau.

These problems with boyfriend Zach came up when baby daddy Cory Wharton wanted her to bring their daughter Ryder to visit him.

"I feel like Cory is more of a priority than me," Zach accused.

"I just feel like the way you treat him versus you treat me," Zach said. "It’s not the same. There’s no comparison."

In Zach's eyes: "It’s almost like you’re more so in a relationship with him."

"If I had a baby’s mother and she asked me to go out there and spend time, you would not be OK with that," he suggested.

Cheyenne Floyd and Ryder Together

If you've ever whispered break up with him at a television screen, you know how rare it is for people to listen.

Cheyenne, however, did just that. She did not have time to poultice his bruised ego. She's a mom.

"Right now, that’s my focus," Cheyenne explained. "Ensuring that I have a good coparenting relationship with Cory."

She explained that it's important "that Ryder has a good relationship with her dad and his family."

“So," she concluded. "If my relationships, if my friendships … if my personal relationships suffer because of it, I will take that right now."

Cheyenne and Zach are broken up, at least for now.

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