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It’s finally happening — for better or for worse.

Reports surfaced earlier this week that Lisa Vanderpump is leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Now, Lisa herself is speaking out and looking to set the record straight.

Lisa Vanderpump Is Everything
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Speaking to Us Weekly, Lisa Vanderpump mostly denies the report that she’s leaving the franchise.

"I am in the season, obviously," Lisa says.

That, at least, we already knew — because there was a controversy over her refusing to film certain scenes with her castmates.

"There are some parts I missed," Lisa admits. "And you’ll see why."

We already heard that Lisa ghosted the other Housewives because they were bullying her in some form or another.

"And," Lisa says. "I think maybe we’ll have a better understanding when you watch the show."

Lisa Vanderpump With a Big Glass of Wine
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"There’s a plethora of stories that say I’m quitting," Lisa acknowledges.

She says that there are also many stories "that say I’m trying to get Jax [Taylor] off [Vanderpump Rules]."

"If I had quit," she promises. "I would have said it."

She expresses frustration that people think that she would sit on the story if it were true.

"Can we just trust that I would … I’ve never had a problem with kind of coming forward speaking my mind," Lisa says.

That said … she isn’t promising that she’s going to come back to the show, either.

Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump
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Reports make it very clear that Lisa Vanderpump would never be fired.

But Lisa says that she can’t make any assurances about her future with the franchise.

"It’s like saying am I going to a Christmas party next year," Lisa says. "You know, you don’t know, do you?"

"You don’t know if you’re going to be invited back," she explains.

Lisa even mentions the possibility of cancelation: "You don’t know if they’re going to do the show."

"So that’s a little hypothetical, really," Lisa characterizes.

She really seems determined to dance around this topic.

Lisa Vanderpump on Season 6
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Lisa has very clearly not been getting along with her co-stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

She’s been refusing to film with them, and even missed Camille’s wedding.

Despite their heated arguments in Season 9, Kyle Richards told Us Weekly earlier this month that she loves Lisa.

Lisa has now responded to that claim, saying that words are not enough.

"Don’t tell me," Lisa says. "Show me!"

That’s great advice for storytelling and for friendship, folks.

Lisa Vanderpump in 2016
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"I have talked to Camille, yes, absolutely," Lisa affirms.

"She was actually asking me about her little dog because he wasn’t feeling so well," she explains.

Lisa Vanderpump is a dog-lover. Like, almost everyone is, but Lisa even more than most.

Camilla, of course, was one of many people to lose her home in the wildfires that are spreading through Southern California.

"I think it’s, you know, it’s a huge loss," Lisa says. "It’s just not, it’s just not a house, it’s the memories, but you know, it is very difficult for her."

"But then again, she just got married so maybe it’s a new life, a new beginning," Lisa says, trying to paint a silver lining.

"She seemed upbeat," Lisa says of Camille. "But I know it’s a very sad, very sad situation to lose so much."

Lisa Vanderpump: 2016 People's Choice Awards
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Earlier this year, Lisa lost her brother.

But she says that she is very much in touch with his children.

"They live in England, but you know, I’m close with them,” she shares. 

“Obviously I think we hold onto each other," Lisa concludes. "It’s been very difficult."

So … she’s at least mostly denying that she’s leaving the show, but it feels like she’s playing word games and dancing around her answers.

What isn’t Lisa telling us?