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Back in 2016, Kesha alleged that she was raped by famed record music producer Dr. Luke.

Luke has worked with some of the biggest names in pop over the course of his career, and Kesha insisted that she was not his only victim.

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In court documents that were unsealed last year, Kesha accused Luke of raping Katy Perry, and to the surprise of many, Perry remained silent on the matter.

But while she never spoke out on social media, Perry did respond to the allegations in court.

And it seems the singer was not happy to be dragged into a legal battle she wanted no part in.

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In a 2017 deposition unsealed today and obtained by Radar Online, Katy makes her feelings on the situation very clear:

“Annoyed, pissed off that she would bring me into it in this way, annoyed at both Luke and Kesha,” Perry replied when asked how she felt about Kesha’s claims.

Perry stated that she was never assaulted by Luke, but declined to support him publicly, as she knew her fans would be "very angry" if she were to defend an accused rapist.

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“I would be attacked, I would be the one woman that is against women and I’m not against women, but I believe in innocent until proven guilty and I believe in justice,” she told the court.

“I want to stay out of it because I know them both and I empathize with both of them and obviously it’s a horrible situation for both of them,” she added.

“And the only two people that know what really went on are those two people.”

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Today’s unsealed files also contain a transcript of a 2016 text message conversation between Kesha and Lady Gaga on the subject of Perry:

“Was crying a lot today and needed my mom,” Kesha told her fellow pop star.

“I’m really upset with Katy Perry … She could bring the whole thing to a head…She was raped by the same man. She is probably really afraid to lose everything.”

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“U are really strong standing up to him, she’s not as strong as u yet,” Gaga assured her friend, adding:

“Have you talked to her?"

“[You’re] right. I need to find sympathy and empathy for her. She’s so mean. It’s hard," Kesha responded.

“Do you want me to see if I can talk to her?” Gaga said. “I know she’s mean.”

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Kesha was definitive in response, texting, "OMG, NO!" in response to Gaga’s offer to intervene.

While no criminal charges have been filed against Luke, he and Kesha have both filed civil suits against one another.

Their legal battle remains ongoing.