Kim Kardashian: I Loved to Look at OJ Crime Scene Photos as a Kid!

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Something strange is going on with the Kardashians.

Perhaps they're taking a page from Kanye's Big Book of Insanity, or maybe the sisters realized they need to be less boring if they're to maintain the vise-grip on our national consciousness that they've enjoyed for the past decade.

Kim Kardashian, One on One

Whatever the case, the Kards have been more dramatic, more eccentric ... more weird in recent months than ever before.

It's a trend fans began to notice when the sisters began to engage in increasingly vitriolic arguments on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

(The recent Kim vs. Kourtney feud is a memorable, hilarious example.)

Kim Kardashian at a Computer

Around this same time, Khloe became much more candid when discussing the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal.

Now, even Kim -- long regarded as the most "basic" of the Kardashian sisters -- is proudly letting her freak flag fly (and not in the way she did in her infamous Ray J tape).

Due to her involvement in securing presidential pardons for Alice Marie Jones and other non-violent inmates, Kim was invited to appear at the Variety/Rolling Stone’s Criminal Justice Reform Summit in Los Angeles.

Kim in a Confessional

And she made some surprising revelations during an onstage interview with CNN's Van Jones.

Speaking about her father's work as a lawyer, Kim opened up about the ways in which her family was affected by the OJ Simpson murder trial.

“When he was involved in cases like the OJ case, that one was … obviously that was his best friend and it was deeper,” Kim  said.

Kardashian on E!

“Nicole was my mom’s best friend. It was more than just a case he took on. But a lot of the meetings were held at our home and we would have Johnny Cochran, Shawn Holley, Bob Shapiro. All the attorneys would meet in our house," the mother of three continued.

“And so they had all of the evidence books in the library of my dad’s house and so on the weekends when no one was around, I would go over these evidence books and go over crime scene photos and wild stuff."

Yes, it seems that just like the rest of the country, young Kiki was fixated on that grisly scene in Brentwood.

Kim Kardashian Eyewear

Unlike the rest of us, however, the drama was playing out in her own home.

“My sister Kourtney would be, ‘What are you doing? Why do you care about this stuff? Leave it alone. You are not supposed to be going through it.’ I was just always so interested,” she added.

“I would just ask my dad questions. I was always really present.”

So next time you find yourself wondering how someone as milquetoast as Kim puts up with the roiling insanity of Kanye West, just remember that this is a woman who grew up pics of her mom's best friend's murder.

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