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The Blind Auditions reached their sixth night on Tuesday. 

Yes, it felt like groundhog day, but at least there were some decent acts, we guess. 

With the Battles creeping up, most of the below competitors will probably not survive them. 

Cody Ray Raymond
Photo via Tyler Golden/NBC

Caeland Garner (Team Blake) – “Dancing in the Moonlight”

Remember Red Marlow? Well, his friend, Caeland appeared at the Blind Auditions, and immediately struck a chord with the coaches. 

The 31-year-old went with a Toploader cover, and it got Blake happy enough to take him as one his own competitors. 

“Your voice is so unique,” the coach said. “I’m mesmerized by your sound.”

Lela (Team Jennifer) – “Havana”

This 15-year-old Miami native was open about wanting to harness the sounds of both Shakira and Beyonce. While we’re not sure she sounded anything like either of those famous artists, there was something there to like. 

However, there’s no telling whether she will survive the Battle Rounds, or if she will be able to adapt quickly.

The Voice Season 15 Poster
Photo via NBC

Cody Ray Raymond (Team Kelly) – “Born Under a Bad Sign”

Cody turned in a surprising audition. He seemed like he had a distinct sound before he even started singing, but he switched it up with an extraordinary rendition of this hit song. 

Kelly heard the voice and immediately turned her chair because there was something to work with here. He had charisma, the vocals, and a great stage presence.  

Abby Cates (Team Kelly) – “Scars to Your Beautiful”

On paper, Abby seemed like she would be a great performer, but her voice burned out by the second verse of her number, and that’s a bad sign. 

If that’s the shape of things to come for this youngster, then there’s little chance she will make it very far.

Kelly Clarkson, The Voice Season 14
Photo via NBC

Funsho (Team Adam) – “Finesse”

It’s always difficult to chase the dream, but Funsho quit his job to carve out a career in music in L.A., and he’s been struggling ever since. 

The good thing was that his voice was robust, and could probably move some mountains. The song choice will be critical from here on out for this one. 

What are your thoughts on the latest acts?

Hit the comments below. 

The Voice continues Monday on NBC.