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Emily Simpson may be new to The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she has proven to be one of the better additions to the franchise of late. 

With her down-to-earth attitude, and knack for calling out the ladies who she thinks are causing trouble, she’s cemented herself as a must-watch star of this Bravo reality hit. 

On Monday’s episode, Emily opened up about a dark period in her life in which she had five miscarriages in four years. 

Emily Simpson Is Upset
Photo via Bravo

While we can’t begin to imagine what Emily was going through during that horrible time, she decided it was time to speak out about it to viewers. 

"It was the hardest thing that I’ve ever been through," cried Emily who admitted that she almost died following the death of her twins. 

What’s more, a blood transfusion saved her life, but was that enough to put her off the idea of having another child?


Emily revealed that she was open to the idea of having another child. To achieve this, she would be using one of the embryos that remained after the fertility treatment. 

Emily Simpson Smiles
Photo via Instagram

But that did not go down well with her mother-in-law, Parry, who worried if there would be severe ramifications with conceiving again. 

"Your body may not be able to handle it. You almost died. We had to call 911," she warned, and it made Emily think about things. 

There was an air of mystery about whether she would really press on with another pregnancy, but it seems like this could be her storyline for the rest of the season. 

Elsewhere on this emotional installment, Vicki Gunvalson was all about making some strides to ensure she lived her best life. 

That resulted in her riding a motorcycle for the first time. As always, there’s a lot of drama that comes with Vicki, but this was more lighthearted. 

Vicki Gunvalson for Season 13

"Slow down!" Vicki screamed as they made their way on to the road. 

"I don’t want Steve going to a biker bar alone, I mean look at him, he’s so s*xy, there’s only one biker b***h on the back of his bike, and that’s me," she added essentially telling other women to steer clear of her man. 

It was one of the funniest openings in show history because Vicki is always vocal about her feelings, and this was no different. 

Will she ride a motorcycle again? Well, we’ll need to tune in to find out!

We quickly learned that Vicki was not giving up her argumentative side when she met up with Gina to clear the air following their big blowout. 

Vicki Gunvalson at Home
Photo via Instagram

"It really hurt my feelings when you said that I didn’t have a moral compass," complained Gina, but Vicki continued to say that she was ‘selfish.’

"I’m not being selfish," screamed Gina, who was so over all of the drama surrounding her divorce. 

The argument only started because Vicki was mad that Gina didn’t believe in a God because of the way her relationship with her husband turned out. 

Vicki has been known to hold feuds ’til the end of time, so this should be no different. 

As for Shannon Beador, well she was in Philadelphia promoting her new line of "healthy foods" in an attempt to prove she does something other than arguing with her friends on a weekly basis. 

Shannon Beador for Season 13
Photo via Bravo

"This is a huge moment for Shannon, this is her first shot at being independent after David like she didn’t know that the water was a utility," said Tamra who accompanied her. 

Kelly Dodd hosted a viewing party for the ad, and had some comical words for it, especially when Shannon grabbed her belly and complained about being fat. 

"Oh, Shannon! Do you really need to be pointing at the fat on your stomach? I don’t have to point out that I have a big a*s," shrieked Kelly.

Okay then. 

Will her business be a success in the long run? 

Time will tell. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County continues Mondays on Bravo.