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After some genuinely surprising performances last week, the action slowed down Monday night, and we got to meet a group of middle of the pack performers. 

But where did they end up?

Let’s break down the performances, shall we?

Delaney Silvernell
Photo via Tyler Golden/NBC

Dave Fenley (Team Blake) – “Help Me Hold On"

This 39-year-old Texan native was such a hoot that he got Kelly and Blake advocating to be associated with him. 

His Travis Tritt cover was solid, but his confidence and personality are what really set him apart from the others. 

Blake seems like the likely candidate to give this one time to shine. His voice matches what Blake generally goes for, so there’s that. 

Audri Bartholomew (Team Jennifer) – “Never Enough”

It was only a matter of time before The Greatest Showman songs did the singing competition circuit, but we wish Audri was better. 

Her vocals are most certainly there, but there were some moments that made it seem like her microphone had some interference. 

She got one chair turn, and that was from Jennifer, but could this be a sign that she’s not the best performer? 

Um, yes. 

The Voice Season 15 Poster
Photo via NBC

Rachel Messer (Team Blake) – “I Wanna Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart”

This small-town girl made her way to L.A. with the aim of making it big. The 19-year-old hit the stage with a song that was perfectly suited to her voice. 

She has the vocal ability, but she needs the star quality and confidence to match it. 

Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly) –  “If I Die Young”

Chevel was another one who probably shouldn’t have made it through. Her vocals were all over the shop, to the point it seemed like she actually wasn’t going to get a turn. 

Being on Team Kelly, there’s a chance she could switch things up. But if first impressions are everything, then this was not a good start. 

Kelly Clarkson on The Voice Season 14
Photo via NBC

Delaney Silvernell (Team Kelly) – “In My Blood”

Was Monday night the sub-par Blind Auditions, or what? Delaney had a heartwarming story, and she seemed destined for stardom. 

There was nothing remotely memorable about her, and that’s problematic on a show that focuses on viewer votes in addition to judging critiques. 

Anthony Arya (Team Adam), “Danny’s Song”

Anthony struggled a lot with the vocal side of things, but the coaches collectively agreed that he looked like someone who would have a big following. 

Adam seemed to find something to like about the voice since he opted to take him on board. Was it a mistake? 

Time will tell. 

Natasia Greycloud (Team Jennifer) – “I’m Not the Only One”

Natasia was quick to point out that she had been inspired by Kelly, but that didn’t mean she was going on her idol’s team. 

In the end, she wound up on Team Jennifer, and that was probably for the best. She was a fantastic performer, but the true test will be whether the song choices will match her voice. 

What are your thoughts on the latest auditions?

Hit the comments below. 

The Voice continues Tuesday at 8/7c.