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Snooki ihas always been quite the character. As we’ve seen on the new season of Jersey Shore, not everything has changed.

But these days, Snooki is a mother.

And when mom-shamers descend upon her in a frenzy over her 4-year-old’s appearance, she’s not afraid to clap back.

Snooki and Giovanna
Photo via Instagram

Snooki attended Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino’s wedding shower, also known as the "Hitchuation."

On Instagram, she shared a beautiful photo of her daughter, Giovanna, with Jwoww’s daughter, Meilani.

"Here’s a pic of us at our first red carpet event," Snooki jokes in the caption.

These precious girls do look like their mothers. It’s very much a "mini me" situation.

Snooki’s joke continues: "We were so young. @jwoww"

Giovanna Marie and Meilani Alexandra
Photo via Instagram

This sweet photo of 4-year-old Giovanna Marie and Meilani Alexandra earned the expected praise and adoration.

Unfortunately, it also attracted some very strange, disturbing criticism.

"Girl. You have money dress your girl better. She’s beautiful but needs to look nicer," one troll demanded.

That troll continued: "You take time to do your hair face and dress do the same for her."

Another mom-shamer wrote: "Kids hair is crazy."

Snooki claps back at mom-shamers 01

Snooki actually replied to these haters.

"Mind your own business tho," Snooki replies. That is some pretty good advice.

"I let my daughter pick her own outfits," she explains.

Snooki affirms: I let her express herself."

"Are you a mother?" Snooki asks. "Worry about your own damn kids, and let us live."

Snooki claps back at mom-shamers 02

"She’s 4 god damn years old, f— off"

To the "Kids hair is crazy" jab, Snooki also had a retort.

She simply replied: "Let her live."

A fan chimed in that they would "rather have my daughter not give a damn what any judgmental snobs think about her."

"Amen, dude," Snooki agreed. "Humans are such d–ks i fear for my kids in the future …"

Meilani Alexandra and Giovanna Marie
Photo via Instagram

To hear some people tell it, Snooki’s 4-year-old daughter’s cute look heralds the collapse of civilization.

"That’s the problem with the world today u have no shame!" one terrible commenter laments.

"Your [sic] the mom who doesn’t bathe her kid daily, who doesn’t help her brush her teeth," the hater clames.

The shamer continues: "The one whose kids wear the same clothes 2 days in a row because your too busy on social media or doing your own hair and makeup."

"You spent half your morning on your eyebrows," this troll claims: "But couldn’t wash or even brush your kids hair."

The shamer concludes: "You should be ashamed and I’m glad these people are calling you out!"

Snooki at 2018 VMAs
Photo via Getty

A decade ago, we would never have imagined saying this, but … it really does sound like Snooki is a good mom.

Some people, particularly public figures, obsess over public perception and force their very small children to dress like fancy adults.

Giovanna looks absolutely adorable in these photos, but that is beside the point. Even if she looked a little out of place, it would be a good thing.

She is literally a 4 year old child. She doesn’t need to dress to meet someone’s weird, unhealthy expectations of what celebrity kids should look like.

We hope that these mom-shamers don’t have children of their own. Growing up in their households sounds … suffocating.