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The Real Housewives of Orange County fans watched in horror and fascination as Shannon Beador flipped out on her co-stars in Jamaica.

Even Tamra Judge, who has been Shannon’s closest ally on the show, was frustrated with Shannon’s behavior.

Now, Tamra is taking to her blog to explain why she’s so frustrated with her BFF.

Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador
Photo via Instagram

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, the memory of Shannon Beador’s freakout remains burned into your mind.

A lot of viewers were taken aback by Shannon’s freakout.

But a lot took to Twitter to blast Tamra Judge, feeling that she was way too harsh in response.

(Seriously, the feedback was enough that Andy Cohen spoke about how pissed fans were at Tamra)

Tamra took to her Bravo blog to explain that she is frustrated with Shannon for not taking responsibility.

"The constant negativity was driving me crazy," Tamra writes. "I was at my breaking point with Shannon."

Tamra continues: "I love my friend dearly, but it wasn’t OK for her to act this way anymore."

Shannon Beador Is Not Impressed
Photo via Bravo

Tamra says that it’s Shannon’s fault that she’s not getting along super well with her new castmates.

"Gina and Emily had been telling me that Shannon does not give them the time of day," Tamra reveals.

"I tried to explain to them that Shannon is not good with change and doesn’t ask a lot of questions about other people," Tamra says.

Tamra adds: "not even me, her BFF."

"Both the girls told me that I was just making excuses and enabling her," Tamra writes. "And they didn’t understand why I would do that."

Shannon Beador Flips Out

Obviously, Shannon is dealing with a lot, including her at times deeply contentious divorce from David.

Tamra says that this is no excuse.

"Saying you have too much on your plate to acknowledge somebody on vacation makes no sense," Tamra writes.

She also laments that it is impossible to point out to Shannon when she is not being reasonable.

"Here’s the thing," Tamra says. "It’s really hard for me to tell Shannon when she’s acting out, because all she does is get mad and ices me out."

"So," Tamra explains. "I just don’t say anything most of the time."

Shannon Beador at Dinner in Jamaica
Photo via Bravo

After Shannon blew up at Kelly Dodd, she explained herself at dinner — but that wasn’t the smoothest meal, either.

"It really upset me that Shannon would go off on me at the restaurant," Tamra laments.

"I am the one that is always there for her, makes excuses for her behavior, and supports everything she does," Tamra writes. "Sometimes it’s exhausting! "

"I never told Gina that Shannon was a bad friend," Tamra insists. "Those were Gina‘s words, not mine."

Like Vicki before her, Shannon has struggled to get along with Gina Kirschenheiter because Gina’s divorce is going so well.

"When I didn’t say ‘Yes, Shannon is a good friend’ right away," Tamra says. "Shannon stormed off, and  of course I chased after her."

Tamra Judge Screams at Shannon Beador

Though viewers clearly remember Tamra screaming at Shannon, which seemed to escalate the situation, Tamra says she was there to help.

"I tried to talk to Shannon about being a more positive person," Tamra writes.

"I really don’t think that Shannon sees how she’s acting," Tamra says. "But all she wanted to do was attack me."

"Kelly asked me on the raft if Shannon ever calls and asks about Eddie," Tamra reveals. "And I said …NO! "

Eddie has atrial fibrillation despite being relatively young. This potentially serious heart problem leaves him feeling betrayed by his own body.

Shannon Beador for Season 13
Photo via Bravo

Tamra strongly resents the suggestion that she is in any way at fault for Shannon’s tensions with her new castmates.

"To insinuate that I’m feeding into Emily and Gina having problems with her infuriates me," Tamra declares.

"Take responsibility for your own actions," she demands of Shannon. "You did this, not me."

"Everyone  was coming from a place of concern that night," Tamra writes. "And I just don’t understand how Shannon can’t see it."

Maybe it was the heat.

Maybe it’s that Shannon’s ponytail was way too tight.

Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge
Photo via Instagram

Tamra suggests that she is done pitying her alleged BFF.

"When you continue to complain about the same thing over and over again and do nothing about it, I can’t feel sorry for you anymore," Tamra declares.

"You have choices in life," Tamra says. "Either you can be happy or you can be miserable."

For most people, emotions are not really a choice, but that’s not how Tamra sees it.

"I told Shannon," she writes. "It’s time for her to flip the switch and be happy."

Shannon Beador on Poker Night
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"The next day we went bobsledding without Shannon," Tamra shares.

Tamra makes it clear that they did this "not because we wanted to, but because she would not return anybody’s phone calls."

"She was icing everybody out," Tamra laments.

We hope that being able to see herself and her behavior on television will help to give Shannon a little perspective.