Ryan Edwards: Off to Rehab for a Long, Long Time

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Ryan Edwards' arrest record has been cause for alarm, and so has his substance abuse. Plus, you know, that time he threatened to murder Taylor McKinney.

But though we don't get to say this often, folks, but we have actual good news about Ryan.

He is in rehab -- and it looks like he's in for the long haul.

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RadarOnline reports that Ryan Edwards is in rehab.

This isn't his first time -- he went last year, after nodding off en route to his own wedding.

His first time in rehab was apparently in 2012.

But according to RadarOnline's source, "[Ryan] isn’t supposed to be out [of rehab] until February or March."

That means that he may be in for a 6-month stint ... and may miss the birth of his son.

"Mackenzie moved out of the lake house they were living in," the insider shared. "And is now living with her parents."


RadarOnline also reached out to Larry Edwards, Ryan's father, for confirmation.

The tabloid did not receive confirmation -- or a denial.

When asked about rehab, Larry said: "You know I can’t comment on that."

When asked about whether Ryan will miss the birth of his son, Larry said: "You know I can’t say."

The Tennessee court system was also unable to confirm or deny whether Ryan's rehab stint was voluntary or court-ordered.

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As the good folks over at The Ashley have noted, Mackenzie has taken to social media and publicly doubled down on supporting her troubled husband.

Mackenzie wrote: "I’m so sorry but I will continue to stand up for what I believe in no matter how chopped, edited, and jumbled it may be."

"I have stuck by my husband through some of the darkest times imaginable," she affirms.

"Have mistakes been made? Hell yes," she admits. "Have they been accounted for, dealt with and resolved, yep."

"Why do I post pictures of my husband and myself?" she asks. "Because we do love each other. And that is real life."

"If you want to fault me for standing by my husband and sticking to my vows," she says. "Then don’t follow me."

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Ryan Edwards' criminal history is troubling enough.

But his latest incident is much more alarming than your more garden-variety heroin possession.

After Taylor McKinney made a relatively mild jab at Ryan and Mackenzie, subtweeting that they were unable to function as adults, Ryan lost it.

He reportedly contacted Taylor and threatened to show up and murder him.

That did not go well for Ryan. Not with the legal system, and not with fans.

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His behavior has appeared to worsen with time rather than improve.

That is why fans were encouraging Mackenzie to move on without Ryan.

That, of course, and the fact that many don't see Ryan as a good father. Even Maci Bookout thinks Ryan is a danger to Bentley.

We of course hope that Ryan can turn things around in terms of his behavior during this lengthy rehab stay that RadarOnline is reporting.

(It is, of course, not quite confirmed -- but we hope that it's true)

He needs to get better for himself, but also for everyone around him.

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