Paola Mayfield Skewers Body-Shamers With Bathtub Baby Bump Photo

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90 Day Fiance star Paola Mayfield is pregnant with her first child. She and Russ are overjoyed.

Some of her more hateful followers have tried to body-shame her over her pregnancy, demanding that she cover up her baby bump.

Pao is hitting back with a photo of her wearing nothing at all -- except rose petals.

Paola Mayfield in a Rose Petal Bath

Paola shared this stunning photo of her very naked, very pregnant body in a rose petal bath.

In the captions, she made it clear that this is how she has chosen to clap back at her body-shamers.

"People have asked me if I‘m ever going to wear more clothes," Pao's caption begins.

She continues: "my answer is... do rose petals count?"

Paola remains an absolute delight, just as she was when she wrecked the shamers who told her to stop exercising.

Paola Mayfield Gives a Baby Bump Update

Paola has kept her fans updated on her pregnancy and her baby bump all along.

Her caption continues with a recommendation that others try a bath like hers.

"You too could benefit from this home spa," Paola suggests.

She adds that her bath is "with rose petals, coconut milk, and sea salt bath."

So, you might need a shower after such a bath if you really want to get clean.

Paola says that the bath is "perfect to keep my skin soft and my muscles relaxed."

The Mayfields

In case anyone had any doubts about who had taken the picture, she gives credit where credit is due.

"Thank you baby for my photo @russ_mayfield," Paola writes.

In case it was not obvious, the photographer she tagged was none other than her husband, Russ Mayfield. His name's right there.

Paola then tagged her post: "#momtobe #homespa #proudofmypregnantbody #90dayfiance #babybump"

She's a fitness model and she's proud of her body.

Paola is in no hurry to cover up her curves, even if one of them is just a baby bump.

Paola Mayfield, Beach Booty

Naturally, Paola's body-shamers weren't done trying to scold her into hiding her body.

"Eeeeww," exclaimed a super mature critic. "Still seeking attention in most unflattering ways...."

"Save this type of photograph for your husband," demanded another. "And only your husband. Nothing worse than a thirsty pregnant woman. I really want to like you."

Really? In all of the things in the world, there's nothing worse than a pregnant woman who's unashamed of her body?

"Why the need to seek so much attention?" wrote another. "If you really were secure & didnt give a rats f--k you wouldn't have to seek attention being half naked...just sayin."

She's a fitness model, she cares about keeping her fans updated, and she's a reality star.

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield Flaunt Pao's Bump

But Paola also has her genuine fans.

"I don't think anything is wrong with you being naked and pregnant," wrote one defender.

That person continued: "Those who are asking about you wearing clothes are probably jealous."

"Who cares about clothes?" asked another. "Motherhood is beautiful and so are you!"

Another wasn't technically a critic, but offered a very different sort of positive feedback: "Those tatas are getting huge!! I love it!!"


Paola Mayfield: Look at My Baby Bump!

"Wow !!! I guess Russ has really lightened up," commented another.

"Before he would have made a big fuss about you being in such a photo," that person noted. "Now he not only allows it but hes the one taking the photo !!!"

Yes, it looks like Russ has gotten past at least some of his weird hangups about Paola's job.

"Omg! All these babies," wrote a commenter. "Yours, Karine with a rainbow baby, elizabeth, aziza."

Those are all 90 Day Fiance stars with 90 Day Fiance babies.

"Giant baby boom on TLC," the commenter continued. "Can’t wait to see them all lined up."

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