Kim Kardashian to Kanye West: Ditch Donald Trump or We're Through!

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Aside from the outlandish claim that Kim Kardashian is controlling Kanye with witchcraft, fans are at a loss to explain Kanye's recent behavior.

But a report says that Kim is becoming rapidly impatient with Kanye's impulsive stunts.

So impatient, in fact, that she has allegedly been consulting a divorce lawyer.

Kimye Marriage Pic

Heat magazine reports that Kim Kardashian has been in "constant contact" with divorce attorney Laura Wasser.

"Kim has threatened Kanye with a divorce battle bigger than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie if he doesn’t get this life in order," the report claims.

Don't panic -- it sounds like this alleged threat is mostly a bluff designed to get him to clean up his act.

"She wants to show Kanye that he doesn’t hold all the power," a source explains.

"And," the insider continues, "that, if she wanted out of the marriage tomorrow, she could and would go."

The source says that she wants Kanye to know that she's serious "and that she has an exit strategy firmly in place."


The issue at hand is apparently Kanye's famously erratic behavior.

"It’s becoming more and more challenging for Kim," the insider reveals.

The source adds: "Especially as she is constantly having to field questions from friends and family."

According to the insider, her loved ones keep "asking her how she can stick with him, given how erratic he has been."

A little bit of impulsivity is one thing. Holding Saturday Night Live hostage like some kind of Batman villain is another.

Kim Kardashian, North West, and Kanye West in D.C.

Apparently, even Kim's patience has its limits.

"Kim has never discouraged Kanye from being over the top," the source admits.

The insider continues: "but it’s hard to excuse the way he’s going about his life these days."

His meeting with Trump was famous, both for what it represented and for the absolute nonsense that it contained.

"She can’t stand by him anymore if he continues to act this way," the source laments.

Listen to Me, Jared!

Apparently there is more at play here than just Kanye making a fool of himself on social media, on television, and in the news.

"Their romantic life is nowhere near what  it used to be,” the insider reveals.

Oh dear! It wasn't so long ago that Kim was reportedly bragging to her sisters about the top-notching banging going on in her marital bed.

“Their sex life seems to be the furthest thing from Kanye’s mind these days," the source says.

The insider even claims that this is, from Kanye's warped perspective, "because [Kim’s] so uptight."


Very Serious Kimye

Apparently this alleged dry spell is really harshing Kim's vibe.

"It’s getting Kim down," the source reveals.

The insider adds: "She’s sick of living like a nun!"

Having three children can mean a lot less one-on-one time for spouses, but if even that time isn't spent banging ... it can spell trouble for a marriage.

"And," the source concludes, Kim "isn’t sure she wants to be in this marriage much longer."

Kanye West, Face on Video

It's easy to believe that Kim is on her last nerve when it comes to Kanye's ridiculous misbehavior.

But ... is it true?

In the past, Kim has seemed to be supportive to a fault of Kanye. Sometimes she's silent, sometimes she slams his critics.

While it's always possible that some straw will come along and break this camel's back, we're leery of believing that the moment has come.

Just because you would feel or act a certain way in response to Kanye's antics doesn't mean that Kim would.

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