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While fans debate over whether Joy-Anna Duggar is already pregnant again, she hit a very different milestone.

Over the weekend, the young mother turned 21 years old.

That birthday is a huge deal, but being a Duggar, Joy-Anna’s celebrations were a little different from what you’d expect.

Joy-Anna Duggar Turns 21 with Jill Duggar
Photo via Instagram

Sunday, October 28, was Joy-Anna Duggar’s 21st birthday.

Did she go wild, take her first real sip of alcohol, and let loose?

No, of course not. She is a Duggar, and they are essentially never allowed to do anything that might risk having real fun.

(There are lots of ways to have fun without drinking, folks! But the Duggars aren’t allowed to do most of those, either)

As you can see in her photo with Jill, Joy-Anna doesn’t have any red solo cups at her party.

In fact, it doesn’t look like she even whipped up a virgin cocktail.

Joy-Anna Duggar: Pregnant Again?
Photo via Instagram

Now, a gathering at home with a big ol’ balloon isn’t all that Joy-Anna did.

Her husband and a couple of her brothers took her — and baby Gideon — out to eat.

Given the fact that they posed in front of Longhorn Steakhouse, many have guessed that they got some sort of discount.

(The Duggars are notorious for using social media to advertise where they eat in exchange for discounts or other kickbacks)

Going to a fairly normal restaurant might not be the birthday treat that you’d expect from a family of wealthy celebrities.

But the Duggars go out of their way to seem more down-to-earth than their income bracket suggests.

Joy-Anna Duggar Turns 21 with Carlin Bates
Photo via Instagram

Joy-Anna did not limit her pre-birthday celebrations to home and a restaurant.

Seizing upon the opportunity to travel as a group, she and her brothers went to participate in early voting.

In case you’ve been harboring illusions to the contrary, she made it very clear on her Instagram which political faction has her support.

"We Early voted!!" Joy-Anna announced in her captions.

She then included the tags: "#govote" and "#republican."

Joy-Anna Duggar Votes Republican
Photo via Instagram

Joy-Anna’s followers were not surprised.

Many of them were also not happy.

"She is giving us the middle finger!" one responded.

Another commented: "Good reason to unfollow."

"Didnt know yall are republican," one naive follower wrote in surprise.

Yet another commenter wasn’t shocked at all, writing: "They’re obnoxiously pro-life, they love guns, and are extremely against LGBT community."

Joy-Anna Duggar: Expecting Baby #2
Photo via Instagram

Joy-Anna’s visit to Longhorn Steakhouse also attracted some attention.

This time, the conversation was less about the contents of her midterms ballot and more about the contents of her womb.

Is Joy-Anna pregnant again?

From the way that she held baby Gideon in front of her belly, some wondered if she was hiding a baby bump.

But there is another, more likely, and less bonkers explanation for Joy-Anna’s current shape, folks.

Gideon Forsyth
Photo via Instagram

Baby Gideon was, in medical terms, "super f–king huge."

Okay, so we’ve all known babies who were more than 10 pounds, but it’s still a huge size for a baby.

And Gideon was the largest Duggar baby, ever.

It takes time for a body to recover from pregnancy.

The extreme post-baby body selfies from the likes fo the Kardashians can make you forget that.

Joy-Anna didn’t drink at her birthday because she’s a Duggar, not because she’s pregnant Again. Probably.