Isabel Rock Involved in Near-Fatal Car Crash

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Isabel Rock says she is lucky to be alive.

The fiancee of former Little People, Big World star has provided Instagram followers with an update on her life...

... and it's a doozy!

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“Today I got in my third car accident,” Rock wrote on social media Monday, prior to delving into further troubling detail as follows:

“Somebody pulled out to turn and went into the furthest lane instead of the lane closest to them. Of course, I tried my best to avoid them but they hit my driver door anyway and threw me into the ditch.”

Whoa there.


Thankfully, Isabel sounds like she's alright. Physically, at least.

“I am okay, a little sore; my car is not, but my little car potentially saved my life. My entire door ended up coming off and the car is likely totaled," she added.

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Rock and Roloff will be getting married on September 7, 2019.

They got engaged last December following many years of dating.

The two basically spend all of their time traveling around the Pacific Northwest.

They constantly share photos of themselve enjoying nature, each other and their two adorable dogs.

“It’s really hard not to wonder why these things happen to you in the moment, but part of my growth is trying to find the lesson in everything,” Rock added in her upsetting update.

Rock and Roloff

Isabel, over whom Jacob is constantly gushing, also expressed gratitude for the situation.

It really could have been so much worse.

"I am grateful I was alone in my car, that I didn’t have Jacob with me orr Moose with me like I usually do,” she noted of her fiance and her dog, adding:

"“I am grateful that the other person was okay. I am grateful that I’ve walked away from all my car accidents without anything more than a concussion and sore muscles.

"I am grateful that it happened close to home so that both my dad and Jacob could be at my side within minutes of the accident."

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff Tease Wedding Venue

What a great attitude, right?

Neither Rock nor Roloff appears on Little People, Big World.

The latter quit the show over a year ago, dedicating his life far less to television and far more to trying to answer some profound life questions.

He and Isabel seem like a perfect match.

“Counting my blessings today,” she concluded in her post, joking:

“Also kind of convinced the universe doesn’t want me to drive anymore because the odds are stacked against me now.”

We're just glad Rock walked away from this frightening accident in one, perspective-filled piece.

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