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The on-again, off-again romance between Cassie Ventura and Diddy seemed like it would never end. 

Now, however, it seems that they’re off-again for good (for now). 

And Cassie has something to say about it — in the form of a cryptic message that she posted to Instagram.

Cassie Ventura with Diddy at a Game

Cassie and Diddy used to break up all of the time.

One time their breakup resulted in the police being called after Diddy ran off to snoop through Cassie’s phone, but they got back together.

Now, though, it looks like they’re on the outs.

In fact, Diddy is dating again.

He was reportedly spotted with model Jocelyn Chew at Drake and Migos’ concert in Los Angeles less than two weeks ago.

It appears that Cassie doesn’t care for that at all.

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Taking to Instagram, she shared a message that many perceived to be a jab at Diddy.

Or, more precisely, it may be a jab at any woman who might appear on his arm or flock to try to date him after this final split.

"F–k these hoes," Cassie shared.

Of course, it may be that she was just sharing a post directed at no one in particular, or very vaguely at people she doesn’t like.

(Like when any Millennail or Gen Z person participates in that "it’s over for you hoes" meme)

Naturally, a lot of her fans and followers connected her words with Diddy and their still recent split.

Diddy and Cassie Ventura, MET Gala 2018

Cassie and Diddy have been romantically linked since 2007, but went public with their romance in 2012.

Either way, that is a very long time to be entangled.

According to a report by People, this split didn’t leave the two of them on bad terms.

"The decision was amicable and they remain friends," the insider says.

Remaining friends is well and good, but sometimes those bitter feelings rise up when the other party moves on.

"Cassie is going to focus on her music and acting career," the source reports.

Diddy and Cassie at 2017 MET Gala

Reports say that, all appearances to the contrary, Diddy is still single.

We don’t expect either Cassie or Diddy to directly comment on this.

They were famously reluctant to speak on their relationship while they were together, so we don’t expect that to change post-split.

But there are little signs that may indicate that there’s more animosity than sources are willing to disclose.

For example, Cassie has unfollowed Diddy on Instagram.

That could point to bad blood … or to her disinterest in seeing her famous ex’s face pop up on her social media.

Diddy and Cassie Pic

So far, all that we really know is that their breakup is confirmed. That’s it.

But consider that Cassie gave Diddy the best years of her life — she is believed to have dated him from her early twenties and she is now 32.

With that in mind, it is easy to imagine that there may be some resentments, even if they are never voiced publicly.

In the mean time, fans and followers are going to read into every little move that either of them make — in real life and on social media.

We think that Cassie probably knows that.