Diddy and Cassie Split, Fight; Cops Called to Scene

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It is all over for Diddy and Cassie.

But a new report details how the couple did not end their relationship on a very quiet note.

Diddy and Cassie Pic

Quite the opposite, in fact.

According to TMZ, Cassie told Diddy that she wanted to break up on Wednesday afternoon. The proclamation took the rapper by surprise.

It also made him both angry and suspicious.

Unlike Chris Brown, of course, Diddy did not react with these emotions by pummeling his girlfriend with his fists whole they rode around together.

But he did allegedly grab Cassie's phone and start cycling through her text messages and recent calls.

These TMZ sources say Diddy jumped out of the vehicle in Beverly Hills, with the phone in hand, while Cassie sped away with the driver.

Cassie with Diddy

Diddy eventually arrived home and gave the phone back to Cassie, only to then take two cars parked outside.

During the time in between, however, while Cassie was in the couple's car and while Diddy was making his way home on his own... the singer called her mother.

She told her mom all about the phone incident and Cassie's mom, concerned about her child, called the police.

The cops therefore ended up at Cassie's residence, prompting her to explain that she got the phone back and everything had calmed down.

She didn't want to press any charges of anything like that.

The police left the premises, but not before writing up a domestic incident report.

Diddy and Cassie are sort of like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez; they break up and get back together on a frequent basis.

So... is this really it for the couple? We can't possibly say for certain.

We're just glad no one was hurt in this fight and that the police probably didn't need to get involved in the first place.

We can't blame Cassie's mom for being protective of her daughter. Not one bit.

But if the police were called in every time one half of a couple took the phone of the other half in an attempt to determine if any cheating had taken place... well...

... they'd have almost no time to fight actual crime.

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