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Caitlyn Jenner’s own daughter accused her of betraying her family, but now it’s Cait’s turn to feel betrayed.

See, Caitlyn’s rumored girlfriend recently characterized their relationship as strictly professional.

According to a report, that’s really gotten under Cait’s skin … and frankly, it’s hurt her feelings.

Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins

On October 3, 22-year-old Sophia Hutchins spoke to Jim Breslo on his podcast, Hidden Truth.

Sophia very casually announced that she and Cait are not in a romantic or sexual relationship.

She  characterized the two of them as a pair of "business partners."

Considering that she and the 68-year-old Olympian have been seemingly joined at the hip for ages … that’s a surprise.

How many business partners spend most of their time at the same house or going on vacations together?

Sophia Hutchins Mirror Selfie

RadarOnline reports that Caitlyn is devastated that Sophia would say this.

"Caitlyn’s heartbroken that Sophia didn’t send a loud and clear message," an insider says.

Cait is a reasonably private person about certain things — for a celebrity who is also a reality star, anyway.

But apparently this really wounded her.

The source says that Cait would have preferred to hear Sophia "professing her love for her and saying that they’re, in fact, romantic."

Sophia Hutchins and Caitlyn Jenner, Golfing

Cait is not just reportedly feeling hurt — she is also said to be a little confused.

"Cait’s not sure why Sophia’s grandstanding," the insider describes.

It sounds like, in her mind, Sophia should have confirmed that they’re dating, or at least said nothing at all.

"And," the source continues, overall "she’s not happy with this interview."


Caitlyn Jenner in Austria

Cait and Sophia have been inseparable for a while now, but this apparently has Cait feeling used.

"A piece of her feels used and taken advantage of," and insider reports.

That’s never a good feeling to have.

"And," the source continues. "She thought she’d never feel that way again ever since she left Kris [Jenner] and the Kardashians."

We can definitely see how that would be a sore sticking point for her.

Sophia Hutchins Bikini Photo

To make matters worse, the report says that Cait wants to lash out in response.

"She’s hurt and wants to punish Sophia," the insider claims.

Sometimes, that’s a person’s first instinct, even when it relates to someone she loves.

The source adds that she may do so "by taking away the credit cards she gave her and reevaluate their relationship."

This could get ugly.

Caitlyn Jenner in Ireland

It sounds like Sophia may have grown accustomed to living large on Cait’s considerable fortune.

"Caitlyn is spending an absolute fortune on Sophia,” the insider previously claimed to RadarOnline.

“She’s constantly treating her to drinks and dinners at the nicest restaurants in town," the source mentioned.

"And," the insider added, Cait "buys her jewelry and handbags all the time!"

That sounds very nice … but potentially very expensive.

Sophia Hutchins Sips an Afternoon Rose

"Sophia is using Caitlyn’s cash to deck out her wardrobe with designer clothes and get her hair and nails done every week," the insider claimed.

If this report is to be believed, this is costing enough to make a dent in even Caitlyn’s considerable fortune.

"This is costing Caitlyn at least $50,000 each week!" the source announced.

Cait is said to be worth about $100 million, but at that level of wealth, spending one two-thousandth of your net worth every week on someone else is … probably too much.

And it would mean that Sophia has a lot to lose.

Caitlyn Jenner Addresses Her Fans

We have to say that we find this report to be a little … suspect.

As we said, Cait herself is private about certain things. She has been very reserved about her love life since her transition.

It is extremely difficult to imagine that she, even if she and Sophia are dating as so many suspect, is demanding that they go public.

And if they’re not in an open secret of a relationship, then this whole thing would be bogus.

Either way … unless we’re missing something, we just have trouble buying that Cait is feeling this hurt and sidelined.