Ariana Grande to Pete Davidson: Leave Me Alone, Creep!

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Grandson is no more. Pete is nursing a broken heart and Ariana is trying to move on while coping with so much.

A report says that Pete has been so desperate to fix things with Ariana that it became overwhelming.

According to the report, Ariana had to finally block him to keep him from messaging her.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

RadarOnline reports that Pete's attempts to reconcile with Ariana became too much, and that she allegedly blocked him.

"She had to tell him straight up to leave her alone," an insider claims.

We understand that the urge to repair a lost relationship is strong, but we sincerely hope that Pete has not gone overboard.

"He has tried contacting her and sending her gifts," a source reports. "In hopes that she will change her mind and take him back,"

"But," the insider says. "That is not going to happen."

Ariana Grande is Pensive

The report continues, explaining how Ariana is feeling at the moment.

"Ariana is far too busy to focus on her past relationships," the source says.

That really makes this sound over and done.

"And," the insider continues. "She has learned a great lesson from this,"

"Which is," the source explains. "That she cannot give her heart away so easily"

Ariana Grande with Pete Davidson

As was already reported, Ariana returned some particularly valuable items to Pete.

One was the diamond engagement ring. The other was his father's 9/11 dogtag.

She has reportedly taken care of the two tattoos that she received during their relationship.

"When she is done with something she is done with it," the insider says. "And Ariana is now focusing on her career and family."

And speaking of Ariana's family, they are reportedly "relieved" that this engagement has come to an end.

In Bed! Together!

Apparently, Ariana was taken aback by her family's relief.

"She had no idea how much everyone in her family didn’t like him until she broke it off," the source claims.

"And," the insider continues, Ariana "was like ‘why didn’t you all tell me when we were together?’"

It's called being polite. We've all seen loved ones in relationships we didn't like, but you just grin and bear it (up to a point) until they split.

"But ultimately," the source explains. "They just wanted to see her happy."

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson at the VMAs

People also reports that Ariana's family is breathing easy now that she is no longer engaged.

"She threw herself into the relationship with Pete," the magazine's insider reports.

"She is young," the source admits. "But at least mature enough to realize this wasn’t the right relationship or the right time to get married."

(Quick note: some people so easily forget that Ariana is, in fact, a few months older than Pete. She's the height of a fifth grader, but she's an adult)

"[Her loved ones] always thought the engagement to Pete happened way too quickly," the insider adds.

Well, it happened after just a few weeks of dating, so that's fair.

Ariana Grande on Pete Davidson

Apparently, those closest to Ariana had serious misgivings about the idea of her rushing to the altar.

The source says of Ariana's family that "They didn’t want her to get married to Pete."

"And Ariana never got to the wedding planning stage," the insider reveals.

The source explains that, simply, "It was all way too soon."

Sometimes diving in with your eyes closed and your head first doesn't end well.

Ariana Grande Rides Pete Davidson

The insider points out: "Ariana has had several stressful situations in the past couple of years."

That is an understatement. A terrorist bombing, the death of her ex, and being groped at a funeral on live television is ... a lot.

"She really isn’t in a position to make huge life decisions," the source says.

That might be a little infantalizing. She's a grown woman. We're sure that she knows her state of mind better than anyone.

"Her family thinks she should just focus on work," the insider says. "And not stress about other stuff."

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Affection

As we all know, Pete is no longer living with Ariana. He has even joked about that in a recent public appearance.

"Pete’s no longer at the house because why would he be?" another source tells People.

"They broke up. He has no reason to go there,” this insider reasons, confirming: “Everyone on both sides are relieved it’s over."

On the bright side, this report casts doubt on RadarOnline's claim that Ariana has blocked Pete.

"Pete has moved out. They are in contact, but not dating," the source reports.

"Ariana is doing pretty well," the insider admits. "Actually much better than expected."

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Funny Faces

We love both Ariana and Pete too much to be objective.

But we certainly hope that things are amicable enough and respectful enough that no one has had to block anyone.

Maybe they did rush into things, but that doesn't mean that their whirlwind romance was a mistake.

Perhaps it was exactly what they both needed at the time.

Pete Davidson was engaged to one of the most beautiful, talented women on the planet.

And we all know what Ariana got out of it.

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