Ariana Grande Poses Topless in Body Paint, Remains a Goddess

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Some days are easier than others. It was just over a week ago that Ariana Grande tweeted out a cry for help as she struggled with grief.

Now, she seems to be in a much better mood. That's normal, healthy, and a great sign.

In fact, Ariana's in such a good mood that she's shared a topless photo with her fans. Take a look:

Ariana Grande is Pensive

Ariana was in just the right mood to share a treat with her fans and followers. A teat treat, in fact.

"Titty paint," she very accurately captioned the photo.

Ariana then added "@alexameadeart #giaw #behindthescenes," for context."

She then warned fans: "#ivepostedthisanddeleteditbefore." Sure enough, she has since deleted the photo.

But we, of course, have it for you.

Ariana Grande Goes Topless in Body Paint

This is, of course, a behind-the-scenes photo from Ariana's dazzling "God is a Woman" music video.

For part of that (very sexually charged) music video, Ariana lounges in a suggestively shaped pool of beautiful blue and pink painted water.

(The patterns of the paint, floating on top of the water, resembles genitalia)

Ariana lounges in the center, wearing body paint that blends in with the water, and lovely strokes one of the "lips."

She's just wearing body paint, folks.

Ariana Grande, God Is A Woman

Ariana sharing this delightful behind-the-scenes throwback is a great sign that she's on the mend, emotionally speaking.

She's been through a hell of a lot since the spring of 2017.

First of all, her concert was the target for a terrorist bombing in Manchester.

Some of her fans died, many more were injured, and countless people -- herself included -- were deeply traumatized.

Ariana remained out of the spotlight for a while to heal, but she also wrote music.

She finally returned to public life with her engagement to Pete Davidson and with her new album, Sweetener.

Ariana Grande, Body Paint

No sooner had Ariana returned to the public eye, it seemed, when another tragedy struck.

The death of Mac Miller was a serious blow to his loved ones and fans.

Ariana was also deeply affected. She had dated him for two years before breaking up with him earlier this year.

To make matters worse, some of Miller's fans decided to blame Ariana for Miller's death. That's absurd and hurtful, of course.

And late this summer, Ariana was groped by a preacher during the very public (and controversial) funeral of Aretha Franklin.

Pete Davidson Takes on Kanye West

But Ariana is healing, and it looks like her relationship with fiance Pete Davidson is a huge source of comfort and stability in her life.

"I love you like Kanye loves Kanye," she wrote just the other day in her Instagram stories about Pete.

Pete, of course, made headlines over the weekend after roasting Kanye West for going off of his medication.

Pete, who has borderline personality disorder among other issues and has been very direct about these things for years, publicly advised Kanye to take his meds.

Obviously, Kanye only listens to Kanye.

What's left of the rapper's fans were irritated with Pete. But, honestly, there aren't all that many people left who are willing to stan for Kanye.

Ariana Grande Thirst Trap Dance Move

In recent years, as Ariana broke away from her more childlike image and worked for acceptance as a more mature artist, she's been criticized for her sexuality.

Her lyrics are exceptionally sexual for the pop genre. That's part of why she's so beloved, to be honest.

We know that she's the height of a fourth grader, but she's a 25-year-old woman. She is older than Pete Davidson -- by a few months.

It's no surprise that some are unhappy with her for sharing the topless photo of her "titty paint."

Those people can just get over it and let Ariana live her life.

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