Ariana Grande "God Is A Woman" Music Video Radiates Big Vagina Energy

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Ariana Grande has done it again in what might be her best music video yet. "God Is A Woman" dropped on Friday, and the video is a true work of art.

Fair warning, both the not-so-subtle imagery and Ariana herself push the boundaries of what some consider appropriate for a music video.

She's radiating what some might call Big Vagina Energy. Take a look:

Ariana Grande, Body Paint

Pete Davidson is a lucky man.

Ariana Grande's "God Is A Woman" music video takes viewers on an artistic tour of the sacred feminine.

We mentioned that some of her imagery was not especially subtle and potentially crossed some lines.

What we meant by that is, well, Ariana is showing off a whole bunch of vagina shapes. (She pushes the envelope further than that, as you'll soon witness)

As far as the Big Vagina Energy is concerned, see what we mean right here:

Ariana Grande, God Is A Woman

In addition to hoola hooping through the galactic core, we also see Ariana lounging on her side, apparently wearing nothing but paint and a ponytail.

Ariana is wearing some selective body paint to cover the bare essentials, but most of her essentials are still bare.

The paint-streaked water that looks like it came from the mother of all bath bombs (a MOABB) takes a very particular shape: a vagina.

Here, we are using that term vagina colloquially to refer to the entire pubic area -- the paint defines labia and even hints at a clitoris. If you missed that, look again.

In art, an almond shaped aura around a person is often referred to as a mandorla (not a mandala, that's unrelated).

This artistic device is used to depict a holy figure or someone sacred. Ariana Grande, who was raised Catholic, is fusing this symbol with the vagina to make a powerful statement.

Ariana Grande Straddles The World

This gif, folks, is the least subtle of all. Which, given the contents of Ariana's absolutely stunning music video, is saying something.

Here, we see Ariana straddling the globe like a divine figure, with one hand between her legs.

But it is the other hand that is even pore provocative, as she strokes and appears to finger the eye of a hurricane, however briefly.

Both hurricanes and galaxies (which, again, she is shown hula-hooping) have been pointed out as feminine imagery -- which can be a touch cissexist.

Ariana is taking things a step further by lovingly inserting her fingers into the hurricane.

(With those nails! Ouch!)

Ariana Grande Above Men

Ariana's "God Is A Woman" music video is not devoid of men.

For a brief moment, she writhes in the air above a bed covered in writhing, unclothed men -- though these men are covered by white foam.

We hope that everyone understands the symbolism of white foam in this context.

There is another moment in which Ariana dances as if she were the wick in a candle flame.

Remember the vagina imagery of when she lounges in the paint? That's back in full force with the shape of the candle flame.

And then, of course, there is the end.

Ariana Grande, The Creation of Woman

The music video has some strange moments, and during some of them, the music even pauses for a few seconds for something else to happen.

But we have to talk about this last bit.

Before the video fades to black, Ariana Grande recreates Michelango's famous "The Creation of Adam," a fresco mural from within the Sistine Chapel.

This time, however, she is part of a host of women taking the position of God, and she is reaching out to a woman who is in the position of Adam.

This is so deeply gorgeous.

Ariana is one of the greatest musical talents to ever live. This music video is an absolute gift to her fans and to the world.

Check it out:

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