Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Surprise Absolutely No One by Breaking Up

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have called off their engagement.

We'll give you a minute to recover from the shock...

Wait? What's that? You aren't stunned at all because this was the most obvious break-up of all-time?

Fair point.

Ariana Grande with Pete Davidson

According to People Magazine, Us Weekly and other reliable outlets, the singer and the Saturday Night Live cast member have called off their short, albeit intense, romance.

The stars started dating late this spring and then announced their engagement, like, two weeks later, taking the celebrity gossip and entertainment universe by storm.

Most folks assumed Davidson and Grande were moving way too quickly and that the relationship would eventually fizzle out and... well...

... that's pretty much what has happened.

“It was way too much too soon,” a source close to Grande tells People Magazine. “It’s not shocking to anyone.”

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson at the VMAs

This same source says the decision to go their separate ways was mutually agreed upon by both halves of the famous couple.

While the split doesn't really come as a surprise to anyone at all, there hadn't been any recent rumors of tension at least.

The latest chatter, in fact, has been centered around whether or not Grande was pregnant with Davidson's child.

The comedian himself even joked about knocking Grande up just a few weeks ago, as he and Ariana were certainly very open about the seriousness of their relationship during the four months it lasted.

Alas, it is now over.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Affection

“It happened this weekend,” an insider tells Us Weekly, adding:

“They realized it happened too quick and too early. The wedding is off, but they’re working things out. They’re not officially done yet.”

It's unclear what Grande will do with the $100,000 engagement ring Davidson gifted her; and it's also unclear whether the traumatic death of Grande's ex, Mac Miller, played any role in the demise of this romance.

Over the past several days, it's been clear that Grande has been going through a lot.

The artist has been Tweeting a handful of personal messages and saying she needs a break from the public spotlight, asking at point:

"can i pls have one okay day. just one. pls."

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Funny Faces

Twitter users, meanwhile, reacted in many different ways to the break-up.

Some were taken aback. Some were delighted. Others yawned over how clear it was to see it coming.

“am i surprised that pete and ariana broke up? no. but am i supposed to be happy about that? no. imagine how she is doing right now,” wrote one person, while another added:

"if you’re celebrating ariana and pete splitting, you don’t care about ariana’s happiness. Bye."

ag reacttion

Back on September 7, Miller died of a drug overdose.

He and Grande dated for about two years and didn't split up all that long before Ariana got together with Davidson.

“Given the events of the past couple of years, Ariana is going to take some much needed time to heal and mend,” her team said in September.

“She will be staying close to home and using this period to spend time with her loved ones and work on new music without deadline. She thanks her fans for their understanding.”

This Saturday, Grande also canceled a scheduled performance, at F--k Cancer's inaugural Barbara Berlanti Heroes fundraising gala, where her manager Scooter Braun's wife Yael Cohen Braun received an honor for her work as co-founder of the group.

Ariana Grande on Pete Davidson

Said Braun in front of the crowd:

"One of the most amazing things about this organization is that they help people when they're having the worst moments in their life, and they give sympathy and a calm nature to people in need in those moments.

"And you saw your invite, someone I'm very close to was supposed to come sing for you today, and because of things that she's going through, she couldn't be here today.

"And while I was frustrated, being the manager, my wife, being who she always is, just looked at me and she goes, 'She needs this time.'"

We continue to wish Ariana the best.

And now Davidson the best as well.

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