Angie Douthit to Mackenzie McKee: Happy Birthday, You Hot Mess!

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Mackenzie McKee is now 24 years old.

Her mom, who is finally done with chemo as of only a few weeks ago, took to Facebook to wish her the happiest of birthdays.

Angie does acknowledge that Mackenzie is kind of a disaster, but writes that she loves her "hot mess" of a daughter.

Mackenzie McKee with Mom

If you're familiar with Angie Douthit's social media habits, we don't have to tell you that she begins her post with a bible verse.

"Ephesians 3:20," she quotes. "'Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.'"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACKENZIE!" Angie gushes. "24 looks good on you!"

"Yes," Angie writes. "My baby is 24."

"Mackenzie and I both wish we could say it’s been an easy 24 years," she says.

"But," Angie acknowledges. "She will tell you that she was proudly my biggest challenge in life."

Ange Douthit Image

"You take ADHD, type 1 diabetes, anxiety, ODD, hormonal issues, and put them all together in one tiny body and you’ve got one hot mess," Angie says.

"But," she continues. "I’m so thankful for my hot mess."

"She changed me in a mighty way," she affirms.

Though everyone wants to be the best parent possible before having children, a lot of life lessons come while one is already a parent.

"I learned to be patient," Angie explains. "And to pick and choose my battles."

She adds: "I learned to truly love unconditionally."

Mackenzie McKee with Angie Douthit

"I learned to pray, pray, pray. I learned that not everything is the parents’ fault," she says.

"I also realized how incredibly talented and determined she was," Angie writes. "Her stubbornness paid off and she is very successful today."

Angie praises: "Inside her was many abilities that have shown forth through the years."

"We are very close," Angie affirms.

She then reveals: "She calls me for advice every day and we have a lot of things in common."

Mackenzie Douthit McKee Photo

"She taught me a lot about God," Angie notes.

She says that she has learned that "God always loves us, no matter how rude we are or if we just blamed him for everything."

"His love never wavers," she continues. "God always forgives and moves on. He doesn’t dwell on the past."

"God looks at our gifts and talents inside all of us," Angie affirms.

"And," she says. "No matter how undisciplined we seem on the outside, he sees a future butterfly about to sprout wings and fly."

Mackenzie McKee, Black Bikini Photo

"God always points us to the positive instead of the negative," Angie says.

"Yes," she continues. "I’m a much better mother and teacher because of my stubborn, yet very fun, and talented Mickie."

"Today," she reflects. "I’m very thankful for 24 years with my baby girl. I love you Mic!"

"I asked her what she wanted for her bday," Angie shares. "She said, 'I just want a day with my mom and my sisters.'"

"So we are all going to be together today," she reveals. "What an incredible blessing."

Some people end up growing up to be closer with their parents -- or one parent -- than they ever were as children.

Mackenzie McKee Special Preview

Angie also imparts some wisdom upon her fans and followers.

"Today, think about your biggest challenge," she suggests. "Let God show you how he is working through it and how he is changing you for the better."

Even if you don't share Angie's personal religious views, thinking about your challenges and the paths to success -- through the lens of your faith or otherwise -- could be helpful.

"Then," Angie advises. "Go share your story and help someone else going through the same battle."

She then ties it back to her daughter: "Those challenges often turn into the greatest blessings!"

"Love you Mackenzie," Angie concludes. "You are a true blessing!"

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