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Amy Roloff would like to set the record straight.

The Little People, Big World star has been so consumed with her professional life these days that some fans out there are concerned about her personal life.

That is, a handful of followers have been signing online each day and asking…

Happy on the Farm
Photo via Instagram

… where is Chris Marek?!?

Is he still dating Amy?

If so, why has he not been seen on her farm of late, considering it’s the very busy and popular pumpkin season and various members of the Roloffs have been sharing photos of themselves helping out this month?

The absence of Chris in pictures such as THIS ONE has caused many to worry that he and Amy have broken up.

Thankfully, Amy is here to respond to this rumor with a new picture and a reassuring caption.

The picture is posted above and the caption is featured below.

Two Years Strong!
Photo via Instagram

It reads:

Many of you that came to the farm have either asked me if Chris and I were still together or was he going to be at the farm that day.

I love that he comes at the end of his day, working as a realtor, to see me. Makes me happy and I love his support.

Yes we are still dating and together and we are doing wonderful! He’s a great guy.

Yay! We are so happy to hear this.

Look Who Else Was on Hand
Photo via Instagram

Amy and Chris have been a romantic item now for over two years.

Yes, two years!

Can you believe it?!?

This is the first serious relationship Amy has been in since she and Matt filed for divorce and it seems very likely that it will be her final one as well.

It seems likely the two will get married, we mean.

In honor of the pair’s two-year anniversary, Roloff recently gushed over Marek as follows:

Anniversary! What? Where did two years go?

It’s been a wonderful adventurous and full of lovely special moments of dating with this guy. So looking forward to the tomorrow’s and days ahead with him.

What a Beautiful Pic
Photo via Instagram

Marek has found success in the world of real estate and gets along well with Amy’s kids.

Nevertheless, for dumb and ridiculous reasons, some Little People, Big World viewers think he has bad intentions.

They think Marek is after Amy for her fame and fortune or something else sinister. It’s extremely stupid and none of these opinions are based in reality.

Fortunately, such harsh critiques and cruel critics are not getting to Amy or Chris.

As proven here, they continue to go strong.

But will they continue to go strong all the way to the altar? We sure hope so!