Rob Kardashian: HOMELESS After Being Kicked Out By Kylie Jenner?!

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For the most part, the offspring of Kris Jenner are doing incredibly well for themselves these days.

Kylie is almost a billionaire; Kendall is one of the world's most sought-after runway models, and Kim is planning to have a fourth child by an eccentric sneaker mogul.

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat

In fact, all of Kris' kids are crushing it in their own way -- with one notable exception.

Yes, we're talking about perennial f--k-up Rob Kardashian.

No, before you scroll down to the comments and point out that whoever gets paid to examine Rob's bank statements is probably looking at some pretty sizable sums, allow us to clarify what we mean when we say Dream's dad flat-out sucks.

Yes, he has far more money than your typical 31-year-old -- but by most accounts, he's an unconscionable douche bag.

Rob Kardashian, Sadness Snap

Look no further than Rob's revenge porn campaign against the mother of his daughter for evidence of said douche-baggery.

Anyway, unlike the women in his family, Rob is burdened with an aversion to work, but fortunately, he never has to go far to find a helping hand offered by a gullible relative.

For a while, Rob lived with Khloe rent-free.

When she understandably got tired of dust-busting blunt roaches and Crunch Berries out from between her couch cushions every morning, she gave him the boot.

Rob with His Dream

And now, it seems Kylie has followed her sister's sage example.

Not surprisingly, the ludicrously wealthy Kylie owns several homes, including a $6 million 7,000 square foot mansion that, until recently, had served as Rob's abode.

Radar Online is reporting that Kylie recently decided to sell the property, leaving Rob in a lurch.

The site claims that Rob is living in in less-than-ideal conditions at his mother's house, and although he's working on turning his life around, he and Kris are reportedly getting on one another's nerves.

Rob Kardashian in a Car

"He is apparently working out a lot and looks really good," a source tells the site.

"He just doesn't want to be associated with his sisters and their drama right now and is focusing on his daughter, Dream."

Rob is currently house-hunting, the insider adds, and while fights with Kris have been frequent, the momager has assured her son that she won't allow him to end up on the street.

"Rob and Kris will always have a special bond and she will always take care of him however she needs to," the source says.

Here's hoping she never actually said those words to Rob.

Dude will almost certainly hold her to that promise.

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