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On Thursday, September 13, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were spotted in a courthouse. Eyewtinesses reported that the two of them were in the marriage bureau.

Though Hailey was quick to insist that obtaining a marriage license was not the same thing as already being married, fans were overjoyed.

But we’re now learning that the two may have made a mistake that could cost one of them a whole lot of money.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Kiss
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Us Weekly reports that, according to a legal insider who spoke to them, Justin and Hailey did not have a prenup when they went to that courthouse to get hitched.

A pre-nuptial agreement is a legal document that helps to hash out division of property before a marriage — in the event of a divorce.

These are not uncommon when one spouse is considerably more wealthy than the other.

Hailey is worth an estimated $2 million. Her father, Stephen Baldwin, has been largely unable to get work because he is so notoriously unpleasant, and it worth about $500,000.

In contrast, Justin Bieber’s estimated net worth is about $265 million. If these two get divorced, the Biebs could lose a sizable chunk of that.

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo
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On Friday, September 14, Hailey insisted that she wasn’t married yet, addressing the report on Twitter.

"I understand where the speculation is coming from," Hailey wrote. "But I’m not married yet!"

Hailey has since deleted the tweet.

According to reports, it sounds like she doesn’t consider herself married until she has a wedding — which is fair.

For many people, the marriage license is for legal rights and conveniences. It’s the ceremony — or even the commitment to each other — that makes the marriage.

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Fans should keep in mind that both Hailey and Justin are devoted Christians, and place more significance in the religious ceremony of marriage than in its legal recognition.

This may also be why the two of them did not opt for a prenup.

They’ve only been engaged for a few months, and got engaged after a few weeks of dating — just a few months after Justin and Selena Gomez split again.

But despite all of that, Justin and Hailey may be planning to take their marriage very seriously, and may feel a religious obligation to avoid divorce if possible.

Some people feel like they have something to prove when it comes to marrying without divorcing.

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Of course, there’s another possible explanation for their lack of a prenup — that Justin and Hailey are young.

Hailey is 21. Justin is 24. They may be old enough to get married, but neither of them are even old enough to rent a car.

So we cannot help but wonder if they didn’t think about how incredibly common divorce is, or how catastrophically expensive it can be.

That said, maybe we should give them more credit. Maybe they’re not being foolish.

It may be that they thought about it, but Justin decided that if it comes down to it, he’d want Hailey to come out fo their marriage with her fair share.

Justin Bieber, Fiancee
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It’s easy to be dismissive of two young stars who are head over heels in love and might not be thinking realistically about the future.

But while most of us might view this kind of "we’ll-beat-the-odds" optimism as little different from some poor gambler at a blackjack table telling themselves that they have to win sooner or later, that may be unfair.

At any rate, if Justin and Hailey are viewing this marriage as a sacred commitment, maybe they don’t want to get it bogged down in legal trappings.

We wish them the best — whenever they decide to get married on their terms.

A New York state marriage certificate is valid for 60 days, so we’re guessing that they’re planning their nuptials for some time between now and early November.