David Beador: Did He Get His Hot Young Girlfriend Pregnant?!

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Note to Shannon Beador:

You may not want to scroll down and read the crux of this story.

Go binge watch The Crown or do something else instead, okay? Just do anything except learn about the latest step in your ex-husband's new relationship...

David Beador and Lesley Cook

According to Reality Blurb, David Beador and his relatively new, young and very attractive girlfriend, Lesley Cook, have moved in together.

Yes, already.

An insider has confirmed the major life step to the aforementioned website, while also answering the most pressing question on the minds of most fans after learning of this news.

Are Beador and Cook shacking up together because the latter is pregnant?

Is David about to be a father once again?

Lesley Cook with David Beador

No, the source emphasizes.

Cook is not pregnant.

The two are just in love, we guess, and their relationship is simply this serious.

David and Lesley went public with their romance in February, about three months after Shannon Beador announced she was divorcing her husband of 17 years.

Not just divorcing him, we should say - but divorcing him and taking EVERYthing she could.

Lesley Cook and David Beador on a Plane

This strong stance has supposedly been taken by Shannon because David confessed to cheating on her in 2015; and because many believe he was also cheating on her with Cook.

Both David and Lesley have denied this allegation, with the latter calling Tamra Judge a liar for claiming that Cook and Beador met last October, while he was still married to Shannon.

We have no inside knowledge of when this romance started, so we aren't going to join in this speculation.

We will reiterate, however, just how ugly a split this has become.

Shannon Beador for Season 13

Shannon is allegedly receiving $30,000 per month from David is spousal support, while David has reportedly demanded that his estranged wife drop his last name.

That's something you almost never see happen.

Shannon and David share three kids together (17-year-old Sophie and 14-year-old twins Stella and Adeline) and it does at least seem like this vicious split isn't having a negative effect on them.

We mean, we're sure it is.

How could it not?!?

David Beador, Lesley Cook

But Cook at least told Us Weekly this spring that David "goes above and beyond for his daughters," adding:

"David is an absolutely amazing dad. He takes his daughters to school every morning, well the ones that don’t drive."

"He takes them to all of their after school activities, drives them to their tournaments, and is always there for them."

"His daughters are the absolute light in his life, and he loves them so very much. The girls will always come first."

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